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Refurbished Apple Mac Laptops, Desktops, Displays and More

GainSaver is the place to buy your refurbished used Apple Mac Laptop, Desktop, Display, iPhone, iPad and Accessories. Read more...
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Studio Display 17". - Apple Computer M7649ZM/A
Part#: 13716  (In Stock)
Condition: Refurbished
Used cheap refurbished Apple 17" Studio Display (LCD/ADC) features a 17.0" viewable area active-matrix LCD display and an integrated two-port USB hub in a "crystal clear" housing derived from the Apple Cinema Display. This model uses the ADC (Apple Display Connector), which carries analog and digital video signals, USB data, and power in the same cable.
Retail Price:$999.00
You Save: $920.00 (92%)
Your Low Price: $79.00
iBook Notebook 12.1" 500 MHz G3. - Apple Computer M7698LL/A
Part#: 13732  (In Stock)
Condition: Refurbished
Used Cheap refurbished iBook G3/500 (Dual USB - Translucent White), features a 500 MHz PowerPC 750cx (G3) processor with a 256k "on chip" level 2 cache, customize your hard drive, memory and optical drive, 2X AGP ATI Rage Mobility 128 graphics with 8 MB of VRAM, and optional AirPort (802.11b) packed into a compact translucent white case with a 12.1" TFT XGA active matrix display (1024x768 native resolution).
Retail Price:$449.00
You Save: $372.00 (83%)
Your Low Price: $77.00
PowerBook Notebook 15.2" Titanium 550 MHz G4. - Apple Computer M8622LL/A
Part#: 19684  (In Stock)
Condition: Refurbished
Used cheap refurbished PowerBook G4/550 (Gigabit) features a 550 MHz PowerPC 7440 (G4) processor with the AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processing unit and 256k on chip level 2 cache, customized hard drive, memory and optical drive, and ATI Mobility Radeon (4X AGP) graphics in a 1-inch thick Titanium case with a 15.2" TFT display (1152x768 native resolution).
Retail Price:$799.00
You Save: $690.00 (86%)
Your Low Price: $109.00
Power Mac G4 Desktop Dual 533 MHz. - Apple Computer M7693LL/A
Part#: 52255  (In Stock)
Condition: Refurbished
Retail Price:$369.00
You Save: $240.00 (65%)
Your Low Price: $129.00
1-4 of (4 Matches)

Why Buy Refurbished Apple Equipment from GainSaver?

Apple makes great products! They hold their value for a long time because they are very well made and provide many years of service. Even more, GainSaver is the most trusted place to buy refurbished Apple equipment. Here's why:

In Stock and Ready to Deliver

GainSaver has hundreds of different refurbished Mac models in stock right now. Find exactly the refurbished used equipment you're looking for in GainSaver's huge selection of Mac laptops, desktops and accessories, Apple monitors, iPhones and iPads. Unlike other companies that sell refurbished Apple equipment, you can order multiple units of exactly the same model and have them each customized to your specific needs.

Great Deals

GainSaver always has the best deals anywhere. We buy, refurbish and sell thousands of Apple products so we can keep our prices low. You'll find unbeatable bargains in every Apple category from refurbished Mac laptops and desktops to monitors, iPhones and iPads. Compare our prices. You won't find any lower than GainSaver.

Find it Fast

You can quickly narrow your search for specific models by clicking on the Year Introduced link, located in the left navigation menu. Click on a recent year to find models that were introduced a short time ago. Do this and you find newer models that typically offer higher performance while offering the price benefits of being refurbished. Click on an older year and find refurbished used equipment that will save you even more - while still having the assurance of the GainSaver 180 Day Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.


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