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Deal of the Day 20% Off Sale - Refurbished Apple Minis

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GainSaver Deal of the Day 20% Off Special Offers

Choose from these selected refurbished used Mac mini desktop Macs at GainSaver Deal of the Day pricing, and save 20% on your purchase.

One Size Fits All

You can connect your Mac mini to practically any of the peripherals that you already own, so they’re ideal for upgrading from a PC system to a Mac. Your PC keyboard, mouse and monitor will work just fine.

Great Deal

Mac minis are always a good buy, but at Deal of the Day pricing, you can’t go wrong. Pick up on one of these deals so you can have a second Mac system for other family members at home, or coworkers at the office.

20% Off Even on Configuration Options

Even better than 20% off on your Mac mini, you also get 20% off on any of the available system upgrades that go with it when you customize your system. That includes the hard drive, memory, optional keyboard and mouse, and even the system software you would like to have installed on your Mac mini, so it arrives configured to your specific requirements.