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GainSaver has special offers on used and refurbished Macs with small dents.
  •  Posted on 30 Aug 2017
If you don't mind some noticeable cosmetic imperfections on the enclosure, you can enjoy significant savings on refurbished Macs with small dents, scuffs or scratches. They work perfectly and include the same GainSaver Satisfaction Guarantee. Click to find out more!
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Used Discount Mac Buyers Guide for students and back to school shoppers.
  •  Posted on 07 Aug 2017
Check out this Mac Buyers Guide for back to shoppers looking for great deals on affordable, discount Mac laptops and desktops for students. GainSaver has a huge selection of refurbished Macs to fit the needs and budget of every back to school shopper. Take a look!
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Find the most economical shipping for your cheap used Mac laptop or desktop.
  •  Posted on 03 Jan 2017
GainSaver offers a range of economical shipping methods to choose from. This blog article explains each shipping method in detail to help you find the best one to fit your budget, and have your refurbished Mac reach you promptly and safely.
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1 - 10 of ( 38 Matches)

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The GainSaver Blog’s Buyers Guide has everything you need to know about buying from GainSaver. Find out how we protect your purchases with our 30 Day Guarantee and optional extended warranties. And learn about the GainSaver Extended Warranty Program for additional protection of your equipment investment.

The More You Know

At GainSaver, we believe the more you know about buying refurbished used Apple Mac and PC computer systems from GainSaver, the more satisfied you will be with your purchase. This is where you can get detailed product specs and manuals for product research, as well as operating information after you buy.

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This is also the place for information on how to return or exchange purchases, how to use GainSaver store credit, how to cancel an order or change an existing order, how to save an additional 4% on purchases by paying by check, and much more. GainSaver is easy to work with, and we want you to know how we can help.