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GainSaver has special offers on used and refurbished Macs with small dents.
  •  Posted on 30 Aug 2017
If you don't mind some noticeable cosmetic imperfections on the enclosure, you can enjoy significant savings on refurbished Macs with small dents, scuffs or scratches. They work perfectly and include the same GainSaver Satisfaction Guarantee. Click to find out more!
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Used Discount Mac Buyers Guide for students and back to school shoppers.
  •  Posted on 07 Aug 2017
Check out this Mac Buyers Guide for back to shoppers looking for great deals on affordable, discount Mac laptops and desktops for students. GainSaver has a huge selection of refurbished Macs to fit the needs and budget of every back to school shopper. Take a look!
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Resources and support links for refurbished discount Mac users.
  •  Posted on 28 Feb 2017
This guide to support resouces for Mac laptop and desktop users can help you with any questions or system issues you may have regarding your GainSaver refurbished Mac. Have a question? Check it out!
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GainSaver puts together resources for buying and selling refurbished Apple Mac and PC laptops, desktops, tablets and phones. The Knowledge Center gives you all the details on how to buy refurbished computers, sell us your used equipment and navigate the GainSaver website resources.