GainSavers Affordable 180 Day Warranty Leads the Industry

  •  Posted on 15 Jun 2016


You’re covered with the GainSaver 180 Day Warranty Protection Plan.


At GainSaver, we take pride in the quality of the refurbished Mac and PC computer products we provide to our customers. And we back it up with the GainSaver 180 Day Warranty Protection Plan. The GainSaver warranty covers all the products we sell.


  •        Refurbished Macbook Pros
  •        Refurbished Macbook Airs
  •        Refurbished Macbooks
  •        Refurbished iMacs
  •        Refurbished Mac minis
  •        Refurbished Mac Pros
  •        Refurbished Mac Servers
  •        Refurbished iPhones
  •        Refurbished iPads
  •        Refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks
  •        Refurbished Motion Computing Tablets
  •        Refurbished PC desktops and laptops


If there is every any problem with the refurbished computer you purchase from GainSaver, you can return it for a replacement for a full 180 days from the purchase date. You can receive a like for like replacement of your computer, or you can receive GainSaver Store Credit for your computer that can be used toward any other computer you want.


No other reseller of used or refurbished computers has an extended warranty program to match GainSaver’s. Our 180 Day Warranty covers everything for a full six months. All components are included. Everything is covered. The only exception to warranty coverage is physical damage to the computer that could occur if the computer was dropped, or if water or other liquid spilled on it.


The GainSaver 180 Day Warranty is long enough to ensure that you have plenty time to use your computer and test every feature to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the refurbished Mac or PC computer you bought and would like to return it for any reason, you simply log into your GainSaver account and enter a customer service request letting us know what you want to do. Our return policy is “no questions asked”. If you want to return your computer, GainSaver will take it back for six full months from the purchase.


You Need Warranty Protection with used equipment


When you purchase from an individual, there is no guarantee that the computer you buy will work right. And there’s no telling how long it will last you. A major purchase like a computer should include protection of your investment. If your computer malfunctions, it’s important that you are covered. Otherwise, you could be out your entire investment.


One big reason that some people are reluctant to purchase a used computer is because of potential problems. If you buy from an individual, the seller has an incentive not to let you know of any defects it has. You will discover the problems yourself after you buy it – when it’s too late to do anything.


At GainSaver, it’s important to ensure that every refurbished Mac and PC we sell is fully tested before shipping it out to our customers. We don’t hide problems, we fix them. If repairs need to be made, we perform the necessary repairs. That’s because our customers have a 180 warranty! We want you to be happy with the refurbished computer you buy from GainSaver.


Better Than New


The GainSaver 180 Day Warranty is actually better than the warranty you get on new equipment. Have you ever tried to return a defective product before? It’s an incredible hassle that can take many days and multiple phone calls to resolve.


But not with GainSaver. Because our 180 Day Warranty is “no questions asked”, you can just return your GainSaver product any time you want to. We make it simple.


Protection from Changing Circumstances


The GainSaver 180 Day Warranty protects you from any malfunctions you might experience with your computer, and it also protects you from equipment obsolescence. There are many reasons why the refurbished computer you buy from GainSaver may not meet your changing needs. That’s no problem when you buy from GainSaver. If you are not satisfied, you can return your purchase any time during the 180 day warranty period and exchange it.


For example, if you are running video production software on your refurbished GainSaver Macbook Pro, you might decide that a Mac Pro would be more suitable. A refurbished Mac Pro, depending on the one you want, is more powerful than a Macbook Pro, and you can connect a bigger monitor as well. If you decide you want to make an exchange after buying a refurbished Macbook Pro from GainSaver, you can!


Or maybe you really like the refurbished Macbook Air you bought from GainSaver, but the screen is not large enough for you when you run business applications. That’s OK! You can replace it with a Macbook Pro that has a larger screen. A refurbished 15-inch Macbook Pro also has a bigger hard drive and more memory, making it better suited for business use.


Try the GainSaver Difference


Refurbished computers are a lot less expensive than new ones. Features don’t change very much from year to year, so you can buy a refurbished computer, save money and get all the performance you need. And with GainSaver, there is no need to worry. Your purchased is protected.


Order your refurbished Mac or PC from GainSaver. It’s like buying new, only better.