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Refurbished Used Apple MacBook Pros 17-Inch

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The Full Size Used and Refurbished 17-inch MacBook Pro Laptop


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The 17-inch Macbook Pro laptop is a full size Macbook Pro that offers the features of a Mac desktop computer. With its large 17-inch screen, you really don’t need an external monitor to get a clear view of all your applications.


Benefits of the Certified Refurbished MacBook Pro 17-Inch Laptop

The most important thing to know is that the 17-inch Macbook Pro is the biggest Macbook Pro ever made by Apple. At 17 inches, it has the largest screen of any Macbook Pro. It also has the widest footprint at 15.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches deep. And most of all it is the heaviest, weighing in at 6.6 to 6.8 pounds, depending on the year it was introduced.

If you are planning to get a 17-inch Macbook Pro to keep on your desk, it’s a great choice. Starting in Mid 2009, the sharp, clear screen on the 17-inch Macbook Pro has a resolution of 1920 x 1200. This is fine for graphics and video production work. And it makes an excellent system for watching movies or playing games.

If you need a Macbook Pro you can carry around with you for hours a day, the 17-inch Macbook Pro may be a bit on the heavy side at almost 7 pounds. But if you plan to move it from home to office once a day, it’s not that bad of a lift. It’s a snap to disconnect your peripherals from the ports, fold it closed and go.


Features and Functionality

The used and refurbished 17-inch Macbook Pros come in a wide range of processor types. The later system with Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors are the best choice. They give you far better performance and make better use of the graphics capabilities of the large screen.

As you would expect, all of the 17-inch Macbook Pros have full size keyboards. Some of the more recently introduced systems also have the Multi-Touch trackpad. You can use a large number of gestures to control the pointer and navigate documents with the Multi-Touch trackpad.

The 17-inch Macbook Pro laptops all have optical drives. You can use it for playing movies, and also for inexpensive data backup onto optical discs. If you need a Thunderbolt port for any peripherals you own that support it, some of the 17-inch systems include it, the older ones don’t.

In the List View above, you can see the Quick Specs for each system that is displayed. All the key information is there for you, including the processor, memory and hard drive capacity, resolution, ports and more.


See the Quick Specs in the List View for each cheap used 17-inch Macbook Pro.


For complete system specifications, click the image and scroll down to the Details tab. Click the Details tab to see all the specs, as well as links to the originals specs and user guides at the Apple website.


The used discount 17-inch Macbook Pro detailed specs are can be seen at the bottom of the product page.


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Configure your refurbished 17-inch Macbook Pro with a Solid State Drive

The last 17-inch Macbook Pro was introduced in Late 2011. Although some of them have powerful Quad Core i7 processors, the 17-inch Macbook Pros are still not as fast as more recently introduced Macbook Pros. One way to dramatically improve the performance of your 17-inch Macbook Pro is to have GainSaver upgrade the hard drive to a solid state flash drive. Flash drive upgrades will add years to your used Macbook Pro, and speed it up dramatically, since flash drives are 5x to 10x faster than the standard hard drives that were originally installed in the 17-inch Macbook Pros.

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