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Long Live the Used and Refurbished Macbook Laptop!


The familiar Original White 13-inch Macbook laptop was first introduced by Apple in Late 2006. They are enclosed in an almost indestructible polycarbonate shell that protects the components inside from everyday knocks and bounces. The last white Macbooks were introduced in Mid 2010.

Everything about Macbook was reinvented in Early 2015 with the introduction of the Next Generation 12-inch Macbook with an aluminum Unibody enclosure available in Silver, Space Gray and Gold. Everything inside the Next Generation Macbook is cutting edge, from its Retina display to Force Touch trackpad.

Other than sharing the same Macbook name, these two generations of Mac laptop could not be more different. The original refurbished Macbook is a super low cost entry-level Apple laptop, while the colorful, redesigned Macbook has every feature a Mac laptop buyer could want. Of course, GainSaver has the refurbished Original 13-inch Macbook and refurbished Next Generation 12-inch Macbook laptops at the best prices you can find anywhere, covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Best Laptop Bargain – The Used and Refurbished 13-inch Macbook Laptop

Shop our used cheap 13.3-inch white Macbook laptops on sale at GainSaver.

The refurbished 13-inch original white MacBook is the most affordable Mac laptop you can find. And it’s available with either the Intel Core Duo or Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The used 13-inch Macbooks include iSight cameras built in, optical drives, and brilliant wide screen displays with 1280 x 800 resolution that make it a pleasure to watch videos and browse the web.

The original Macbook is about 5 pounds and roughly an inch thick, depending on the year it was introduced. It fits nicely in a backpack and is durable enough to withstand the kinds of bumps and knocks that are bound to happen with normal use.


Rugged Construction for Years of Use

The refurbished white MacBook has a durable polycarbonate shell that is incredibly tough. You can slide it into your briefcase or backpack and never have to worry about it getting damaged. The 13.3-inch refurbished Macbook also incorporates the MagSafe adapter that attaches the power cord magnetically. This means that if you trip on the cord, the cord easily disconnects and doesn’t send your MacBook flying across the room.

With its low price, durable enclosure and bright picture, the refurbished Original Macbook is a great first Mac laptop for the family to go online, answer email and watch streaming videos. They are also ideal for younger students who need a full featured Mac laptop that is affordable and dependable.


The Next Generation Used and Refurbished 12-inch Macbook Laptop

Check out our low sale prices on used discout Next Generation 12-inch Macbook laptops.

The 12-inch Macbook that was reintroduced by Apple in Early 2015 is a totally modern Apple laptop in which every aspect is updated from the original. The refurbished 12-inch Macbook’ most noticeable change is its high resolution Retina screen with an amazing 2304 x 1440 pixels of resolution. It’s so clear that’s almost like reading from a printed page. And even though it’s incredibly thin and light at only half an inch thick and weighing just 2 pounds, the refurbished 12-inch Macbook laptop has a fast fifth generation Intel Core M processor to power through your most demanding applications.

That’s just the start. The used discount 12-inch Macbook includes a Force Touch trackpad, a redesigned keyboard with larger, individually backlit keys, and no internal fan so it runs silently. The Next Generation Macbook is the laptop of the future, and at GainSaver discount prices on refurbished Macbooks, you simply can’t go wrong.


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The Original refurbished Macbook has a 13.3-inch screen . The Next Generation refurbished Macbook has a 12-inch screen.


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The Next Generation Macbook was Introduced in Early 2015.


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The Next Generation Macbook comes in Silver , Space Gray and Gold. The Original Macbook was White , although a few of the Original Macbooks also came in Black or Aluminum, depending on the year they were introduced.


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Choosing between the Early 2015 Macbook and Early 2015 Macbook Air

The discount used Macbook and Macbook Air are compared in detail in this GainSaver blog article.

Apple has two different Mac laptop lines that are both extremely thin and light – the Next Generation Macbook and the Macbook Air. But except for the compact size, they couldn’t be more different. The refurbished 12-inch Macbook is really the future of laptop computing, with high resolution Retina screen and single USB-C port for all connections for power and peripherals. The Macbook Air comes in two different screen sizes, has multiple ports, and is more expandable. Take a look at this GainSaver blog article that takes in depth look at the differences.

Check out this GainSaver blog article for a detailed comparison of used Macbook and Macbook Air features.


Introducing the Next Generation Early 2015 Macbook

The Next Generation cheap used Macbook is on sale at GainSaver.

For additional information about the Next Generation 12-inch Retina Macbook, check out this GainSaver blog article that takes you through all of the refurbished 12-inch Macbook’s most significant features. If you’re not really sure you want a refurbished 12-inch Macbook, this article may change your mind. The more you know about the used Next Generation Macbook, the more amazed you’ll be, especially considering the affordable prices at GainSaver.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s Next Generation refurbished 12-inch Macbook.