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GainSaver makes it fast and easy to sell your used Mac and PC systems, iPhones and iPads.

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GainSaver pays top dollar for used Mac and PC computers and shipping is free
  •  Posted on 06 Jun 2016
Make money from your old computer by selling it to GainSaver. We offer the best prices used Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, iMacs and other used Macs. We even buy used PCs. We pay fast and shipping is free. Find out how to get some extra cash with no hassles.
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Get an Instant Quote

When you sell your used Mac or PC computer system, you don’t want a lot of hassle. You just want to send it off and get paid as quickly as possible. And that’s how GainSaver does business. We give you an instant online offer, and then we send you a prepaid shipping label. Best of all, we pay you quickly for your computer.

Choose Gainsaver For Fast, Safe Payments

As an established leader in the refurbished used Mac and PC industry, you can trust GainSaver. We give you an instant quote and a prepaid shipping label to send you equipment. And you can be certain that your payment will arrive quickly. It’s much safer than dealing with strangers you found online.

There’s No Need to Wait

GainSaver buys thousands of used computer systems from individuals and large volume sellers. Our technicians quickly inspect your computer and then confirm the payment amount. Then we send you a check. There’s no waiting and no hassle. It’s easy to do business with GainSaver.