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GainSaver Sellers Guide

GainSaver is the best place to sell your used Mac and PC computer systems, iPhones and iPads for the best price.

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Sell or Trade

When you sell your used computer system to GainSaver, you can get paid cash, or you can receive GainSaver store credit. Use your store credit toward the purchase of any GainSaver products. GainSaver provides a fast and easy way for our customers to recycle their computers.

Help Protect the Environment

We accept used Mac and PC computers that are in working condition, and even those that are not. Don’t throw out your old used computer. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label and you can just pack it up and send it to GainSaver. We’ll erase any data and do the recycling for you.

Buy and Sell at GainSaver

We purchase used equipment from many different sources, including private individuals. Those systems that can be fully cleaned, refurbished and brought back to full working conditional are resold to our customers. We recycle the systems and components that do not meet our strict requirements.