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  • Apple Extended Keyboard - Apple Computer M9034LL/A

    Part#: 35773  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished

    Your Low Price: $29.99 29.99

  • Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard 30ft Range - Apple Computer MB167LL/A

    Part#: 109741  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Used Refurbished Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard features one-touch controls for multimedia, screen brightness, expose and dashboard. Multifunctionality and wireless freedom come together in an ultrathin profile with this wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Compatible with Apple computers with built-in Bluetooth technology, up to 30' wireless range, volume, eject, play/pause, fast-forward and rewind multimedia controls screen brightness adjustment control and much more.

    Your Low Price: $54.99 54.99

  • Apple Magic Mouse - Apple Computer MB829LL/A

    Part#: 143953  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished

    Your Low Price: $69.00 69.00

  • Executive iPad Case - Eco Style EEXE-BK10

    Part#: 148791  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Used refurbished sleek and durable, the Eco Style EEXE-BK10 PU leather case with magnetic closure is specifically designed to fit iPad 2 & 3, delivering reliable protection against daily wear and tear. Wake/Sleep automatically functions when in opened/closed position, while three different support positions allow you to use your device in an easy way. For versatility, you can carry this Exec iPad case on its own or pack into another case for added protection.

    Your Low Price: $23.99 23.99

  • USB Keyboard Extension Cable 3' - Apple USBKBEXT

    Part#: 151616  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Used 3ft USB Keyboard Extension Cable features 1 USB A male connector and 1 USB A female connector, extending the connection between the Apple USB keyboard by 3 feet.

    Your Low Price: $5.99 5.99

  • Mini VGA to TV S-Video and Composite Video Adapter - Apple M9109G/A

    Part#: 151622  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Used refurbished Mini VGA to TV S-Video and Composite Video Adapter is great for connecting your iBook, eMac or iMac to large screen TVs, overhead wall video projectors, or mobile video systems.

    Your Low Price: $7.99 7.99

  • HDMI-to-DVI Adapter - OEM A1347-HDMIDVI

    Part#: 151623  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Used refurbished HDMI-to-DVI Adapter converts HDMI to DVI, typically used for the Apple Mac Mini computer.

    Your Low Price: $5.99 5.99

  • USB Slim Keyboard & Optical Game Mouse Combo For Macs - Macally IKEY5COMBO

    Part#: 151966  (In Stock)
    Condition: New
    • New Macally USB Slim Keyboard & Optical Game Mouse Combo is a great choice for budget conscious people looking for comfort and quality in their mouse and keyboard. Recommended for all users.

    Your Low Price: $29.00 29.00

  • Apple DVI to VGA Adapter - Apple DVI2VGA

    Part#: 151967  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Used Apple DVI to VGA Adapter for Mac mini allows you to use your Mac mini's DVI port with a VGA-compatible display.

    Your Low Price: $11.00 11.00

  • Apple Remote Control for Mac, iPod and iPhone - Apple MA128Z/A

    Part#: 151968  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Control your Mac, iPod or iPhone from afar with the white used refurbished Apple Remote. Play, pause, adjust volume, move forward and back, and access menus while playing music and videos. It works with Front Row - a menu-based, full-screen interface - to make accessing the digital content on your Mac simple and easy to navigate.

    Your Low Price: $19.00 19.00

1 - 10 of ( 20 Matches)

Advantages of Refurbished Used Apple Accessories

Refurbished used Apple Accessories from GainSaver are an excellent way to save money on accessories.

Large Selection

GainSaver has Apple accessories in stock in a range of brands. You can purchase original refurbished used Apple brand accessories like Airport cards, MagSafe power adapters, cables and EarPods. Or you can save even more on your accessory purchases with reliable OEM brands that offer 100% compatibility with original Apple accessories.

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GainSaver is your source for low prices on high quality refurbished used Apple brand accessories such as keyboards and mouse pointers. You'll also find a selection of Apple Time Capsules that incorporate the features of wireless networking and backup solution on one handy device.

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