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Refurbished Used Apple iMacs 15-Inch

Order your refurbished used Apple iMac 15-inch desktop from GainSaver with 180-Day Warranty protection at no extra charge.

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Advantages of the Refurbished Used Apple iMac 15-inch Desktop

The Apple iMac 15-inch is about the best deal on a Mac desktop you can find.

Incredibly Affordable iMac

If you need an Apple Mac computer that fits any budget, the Apple iMac 15-inch desktop is lowest cost option there is. And with its all-in-one design, the iMac 15-inch includes just about everything you need – even the display – in one complete package. All that's required to go with it is a keyboard and mouse, and you're ready to start browsing the internet, checking your email and running basic word processing and photo viewing applications.

Unique Design

The Apple iMac 15-inch was the first flat panel iMac produced by Apple, and it has cool design you'll really enjoy having on your desk. The base is a white half-sphere that supports the screen on a stainless steel neck. The TFT flat panel screen has a 1024 x 768 resolution. If the original hard drive, memory and optical drive specifications are not be enough for you, you can customize your iMac 15-inch desktop with the upgraded components you need to run your applications.

Select by Speed

The iMac 15-inch desktop is available is several different processor speeds. The speed, measured in MHz and GHz, helps determine how fast your files load and programs run. You can filter your search by processor speed by clicking on a Processor Speed link in the left navigation panel. Then you can view only the iMac 15-inch desktops that run in that speed range.