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Refurbished Used Apple iMacs 24-Inch

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Biggest Large Screen Bargain - The Used and Refurbished 24-inch iMac Desktop


GainSaver used cheap 24-inch Apple iMac desktops are the lowest price anywhere.

The refurbished 24-inch Apple iMac desktops offer an exceptional value for a large-screen iMac. They have an all-in-one design that gives you the computer processor, ports and display all in one system. Refurbished 24-inch iMacs come in an aluminum enclosure that looks very similar to the most recently introduced iMacs.


Large iMac Screen at a Low Cost

The pre-owned 24-inch iMac has the second largest display in the iMac family. With its 1920 x 1200 resolution screen, the refurbished 24-inch iMac is great for graphics applications that require a large viewing area, watching movies and even getting your work done – whether its office work or homework. The last 24-inch iMacs were introduced by Apple in Early 2009. And because the used 24-inch iMac desktops are somewhat older than current models, they can be purchased from GainSaver at bargain prices.


Powered by Intel Processors

The refurbished 24-inch iMac desktops have built-in iSight cameras, built-in wireless, optical drives, plenty of ports, and are powered by high performance Intel Core 2 Duo processors. The Core 2 Duo offers two processing cores that improve performance when running demanding software applications like video editing, image processing and business applications.

Should you need an even larger display or higher performance iMac, you might consider looking at GainSaver’s refurbished 27-inch iMac desktops. They have higher resolution and more powerful Intel Dual Core and Quad Core processors.


Filter by Year

Used cheap 24-inch iMac desktops can be viewed by the year introduced.

You can limit the refurbished 24-inch iMacs that appear in the List View by click the links in the navigation pane on the left side of the screen. To filter by the year of introduction, just click the Year link.

The Apple iMac 24-inch desktops were first introduced in Late 2006, and the last ones were introduced in Early 2009. There are not many differences between the various years beyond the speed of the Intel Core 2 Duo processors. In Mid 2007, the Wi-Fi speed was increased with the 802.11n AirPort Extreme card, and in Early 2008, faster Bluetooth was incorporated.

All refurbished 24-inch iMacs can be upgraded by GainSaver technicians with more memory and higher capacity hard drives. Make sure to check out the upgrade options in the Configurator to see how you can improve the performance of your used 24-inch iMac beyond the original system specifications.


GainSaver’s Affordable 180 Day Warranty Leads the Industry

Your discount used iMac Warranty coverage can be extended to 180 days and longer.

The only thing better than GainSaver’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is our Extended Warranty program. GainSaver is the only place you can get an affordable Extended Warranty for your refurbished iMac that covers everything. If you’re not happy with your used discount Mac desktop, we’ll replace it for any reason. The GainSaver Extended Warranty program offers plans from 180 Days all the way up to 3 full years, and the coverage is better than typical warranties on new equipment.

See how the GainSaver Extended Warranty program protects your refurbished iMac investment.


Refurbished Mac Buyers Guide for Churches

Cheap used iMac desktops are ideal for churches to save money on equipment.

Religious groups need to save money on their equipment purchases, and GainSaver refurbished 24-inch iMac desktops are the best way to do that. With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and low cost Extended Warranty programs, churches can stay within their budgets and protect their equipment investments. On top of that, the 24-inch pre-owned iMac is perfect to fill many different needs, from managing the budget to giving multimedia Sunday School lessons.

Learn more about how your church or religious group can reduce costs on discount iMac desktops.