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The Used and Refurbished Mac mini Desktop


Find an amazing deal on cheap used Mac mini desktop computers on sale at GainSaver.

The refurbished Apple Mac mini is a low cost Mac desktop computer that you can use with either your Mac or PC peripherals. The popular Mac mini has a long history. It was first introduced in Early 2005, and the latest model of used mini was introduced in Late 2014. Because the used Mac mini has been available for almost 10 years, there are many different generations of Mac mini with a range of different ports, processor speeds and processor types. This makes it quite easy to find a pre-owned Mac mini that is powerful enough to handle your important software applications, and also stay within your equipment budget. You can always find what you need at GainSaver!


Affordable and Versatile

The refurbished Apple Mac mini is a great deal if you're looking for an inexpensive Mac with the performance to run all your applications. The Mac mini is a complete desktop computer. You just need to plug it in and connect a display. It will work with practically any monitor, keyboard and mouse, so you can use your existing Mac or PC peripherals. That means you can simply disconnect your PC desktop computer and transform it into a Mac setup using the same monitor, keyboard and mouse.


Light Weight and Transportable

One of the best features of the used discount Apple Mac mini is, of course, its small size. A refurbished Mac mini weighs under 3 pounds! Even with all its features, the refurbished Mac mini desktop is amazingly compact and easy to move where you need it. And it looks great anywhere, with its aluminum styling and curved edges. But no matter where you put it, you won't hear it. The used Mac mini is extremely quiet, so you can leave it on top of your desk and not hidden away on the floor like you need to with a typical PC computer.


Get the Power You Need

You can find a cheap used Mac mini at GainSaver with any type of Intel processor.

It’s easy to find a Mac mini with the performance you need. GainSaver has them in a huge selection of speeds and processor types. To filter the List View to refurbished Mac mini desktops with a particular processor type, just click the Processor Type link in the navigation pane on the left.

Older processors are the slowest, such as the Motorola G4 processor . One step up from the G4 processor is the Intel Core Solo processor. This processor, like the G4, has one core, making it just slightly faster.

Dual Core processors are like getting two processors inside the same chip. The Intel Core Duo and Intel Core 2 Duo both have two cores, making them much faster. However, for the very best performance, the Intel Dual Core i5 and Intel Dual Core i7 are newer and even faster, and recommended for high end business programs, image editing and video production.

The fastest available used Mac mini includes the Intel Quad Core i7 processor. The Quad Core i7 is a processor with four cores, which just about doubles the power of any dual core processor.


The Affordable Way to Switch from PC to Mac

Save on a cheap used Mac mini desktop when you make the switch from PC to Mac.

Mac owners love their Macs – especially low cost refurbished Mac mini desktops from GainSaver. If you are a PC user and want the best way to switch to a Mac, GainSaver can help. The great thing about the refurbished Mac mini is that it is compatible with all your current PC peripherals. If you have a PC already, then your monitor, keyboard and mouse will work just fine with a used Mac mini. In addition, the wide selection of used Mac mini desktops at GainSaver includes many different processor types and speeds in a range of prices to fit your computing needs and your budget!

GainSaver can help you make the switch to Mac with an affordable pre-owned Mac mini.


How to Find Great Bargains on Refurbished Mac minis

See how you can save money at GainSaver on cheap used Mac minis.

Check out this GainSaver blog article for a short tutorial on how you can make the most of the powerful features of the GainSaver website to find the best deals on used Apple Mac mini desktop computers. Once you learn the tricks for searching, sorting, filtering and comparing different pre-owned Mac minis, you’ll be able to quickly track down the refurbished Mac mini you’re looking for at an unbeatable GainSaver price.

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