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Refurbished Used Apple PowerBooks

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Advantages of the Refurbished Used Apple Mac PowerBook

The PowerBook laptop is an affordable Mac laptop solution that is ideal for home and school use.

Inexpensive Laptop Solution

The PowerBook is an excellent choice when you need a full size Mac laptop that fits any budget. PowerBooks are solid, dependable Macs you can take with you. They have USB ports that support your USB peripherals, and also a FireWire port for older peripherals that require the FireWire connection. PowerBook laptops have a TFT display that is bright and clear. You can also connect the PowerBook to an external monitor so you can enjoy an even better internet or video experience.

PowerBook has It All

PowerBook laptops have all the features you need to handle the applications you typically run on a laptop. With wireless networking built in, you can always access the internet with your PowerBook. All screen sizes of the PowerBook have a full size keyboard and stereo speakers. They also have a built in optical drive, which some of the newer Mac laptops no longer have. You can have GainSaver custom configure the optical drive on your PowerBook to your specifications in the Configurator before you complete your order.

Select Your Screen Size

One great reason to consider PowerBooks is that they come in three different screen sizes. In the navigation panel on the left side of the screen, you can filter the PowerBooks that appear in the list view by screen size. Just click on the 12 Inch, 15.4 Inch or 17 Inch link to see only that size. Then you can quickly see only the PowerBook laptops you are most interested in.