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Refurbished Used Motion Computing Tablets

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    Used C5 Tablet Motion Computing FS532222

    C5 Tablet Core Solo 1.2Ghz-Dual Core i7 1.2Ghz Series 10.4-inch - Motion Computing C5_Series

    Part#: 100883  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Refurbished used Motion C5 is a portable, semi-rugged pen-based computer designed for health care, manufacturing, utilities, warehousing, field service workers, or anyone else that needs the mobility and flexibility of a tablet computer. The C5 integrates traditional computer features with digital ink, data capture, and speech recognition. It delivers an optimal balance of performance and portability. Customize your hard drive, memory and display.


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    Used F5 Tablet Motion GQ3M2722 view2

    F5 Tablet Core Solo 1.2Ghz-Dual Core i7 1.2Ghz Series 10.4-inch - Motion Computing F5_Series

    Part#: 126620  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Refurbished used Motion F5 is portable, semi-rugged pen-based computer. The F5 differs from convertible and slate devices in a number of ways. It minimizes ports and connectors, creating a semi-sealed device that is easier to clean and disinfect; it includes several built-in data capture technologies—such as a RFID reader, camera, and bar code scanner—that eliminate the need for external devices. Customize your hard drive, memory and display.


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    used J3500 tablet PC Motion J3500

    J3500 Tablet Computer - Motion Computing J3500

    Part#: 147558  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Refurbished used Motion J3500 tablet PC is a rugged and powerful slate tablet computer for field professionals that need a robust device for the harshest mobile work environments. Power through your workday with the J3500 rugged Tablet PC. The J3500 offers uncompromising levels of security, power and manageability. With enhanced integrated features, as well as all the standard capabilities you have come to expect from a Motion Tablet PC, the J3500 offers more flexibility than ever.


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    Used Tablet Motion Computing F5te Series 1

    F5te Tablet Intel Dual Core i3 1.9Ghz-i7 2.0Ghz Series 10.4-inch - Motion Computing F5te_Series

    Part#: 155306  (In Stock)
    Condition: Refurbished
    • Used refurbished Motion Computing F5te Tablet PC delivers uncompromising levels of power, performance and usability. Offering up to the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor for optimized mobility, the F5te is also lightweight, rugged and mobile. The F5te makes it easy to streamline processes and increase productivity. Navigate applications with the convenience of ten-finger touch or take advantage of pen input for pinpoint accuracy or capture customer signatures in real time. Customize your processor, hard drive, memory and add on options like View Anywhere® technology for outdoor visibility, Gorilla® Glass for durability and capacitive dual-touch input for mobile environments.


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1 - 4 of ( 4 Matches)

Advantages of Refurbished Used Motion Computing Tablets

GainSaver technicians have years of experience with refurbished Motion Computing tablets. Refurbished Motion tablets are designed to operate in demanding environments, both indoors and outside in all weather conditions.

Award Winning Tablets from Motion Computing

Refurbished used Motion Computing tablets offer the durability and functionality you need to seamlessly go from the office, to the vehicle, to the field – all while staying connected and secure. Refurbished Motion tablets make field workers more productive, help to reduce data capture errors and improve real-time communication capability.

The Rugged Tablet Solution

Refurbished used Motion Computing tablet computers are designed to meet the unique requirements of tablet users. Select the refurbished used Motion Computing tablet with the right combination of computing power, screen size, and integrated features to support your needs.

Search by Screen Size

You can narrow your search for the best refurbished Motion Computing solution for your needs by selecting Screen Size in the left navigation panel below Show By. You’ll be able to choose from only those models with the screen size you select.