Shipping your Refurbished Mac Laptop or Desktop

Shipping your Refurbished Mac Laptop or Desktop

Selecting the Best Shipping Method for your Refurbished Mac

GainSaver offers a number of different shipping options when you place your order for a refurbished Mac laptop or desktop. This blog describes everything you need to know about choosing a shipping method and when you can expect to receive your order.

Confirm your Address

When you place your order, please make sure that your shipping address is correct. It’s very easy to mistype the street number or zip code when you enter your address. So make sure to double check it! That way there will be no delays in receiving your refurbished Mac laptop or desktop.

Billing and Shipping Address

Your billing address is the address associated with the credit card you use for payment. Most of the time, people ship packages to their billing address.

It’s not required to ship to your billing address. Many people find it convenient to ship to their office, where they can receive their refurbished Mac during the day.

Same Day Shipping - Usually 1 to 2 Business Days

We do our best to ship out orders the same day as they come in. However, we can’t guarantee same day shipping in all cases. Sometimes it takes an extra day. You can place your order by phone during regular business hours, or online at any time. Orders received before 1:00PM Pacific Time have the best chance of going out the same day. We suggest you order early in the day.

GainSaver makes buying cheap refurbished Mac laptops and desktops as fast and easy as buying new. However, there are some differences. When you purchase a new item, it gets boxed up and shipped out when you order. GainSaver’s refurbished Macs take a little extra time to prepare for delivery to ensure the refurbished Mac we ship out to you is in 100% working condition.

We test and prepare each system beforehand, so it’s ready for customization when you place your order. Technicians then custom configure it to the specifications you request at checkout. The operating system is installed, and your computer then undergoes final testing to ensure all components are working together perfectly. That includes hard drive, memory, motherboard, screen, ports, Wi-Fi and more. There are times when a system fails final testing. GainSaver won’t ship you a bad system. When systems fail, getting another computer ready could mean that your order may be delayed.

Counting Deliver Days

The most important thing to remember about shipping is that you count the number of delivery days starting with the day after your refurbished Mac is shipped out. For example, if today is Monday and you choose 2 Business Days for delivery, don’t count today as a delivery day. If GainSaver ships your package on Monday, then day 2 Business Days delivery will get your package to you on Wednesday.

Business Days

Shipments are transported and delivered on business days only, meaning Monday through Friday. If your order ships from GainSaver on Friday, the soonest you could receive your order is Monday, as Saturday and Sunday are not business days.

Your Location

In the case of 3 to 5 Business Days, you will receive your order depending on how far you live from GainSaver. GainSaver is located near Long Beach, California in Signal Hill. The closer you are to Southern California, the sooner you will get your package. If you live on the East coast then it will probably take a full five days for the package to reach you.

Shipping Cost

The shipping charge will vary depending on how soon you want your refurbished Mac laptop or desktop delivered. When you make a selection in the Shipping Method menu, you will be able to see the shipping charge automatically update. The default shipping method is 3 to 5 Business Days.

Select the shipping option you want for your cheap used Mac laptop or desktop.

Shipping Methods Explained

GainSaver offers a range of shipping methods to choose from. Select the option that best fits your time frame.

GainSaver uses UPS for most shipping. From our experience and customer feedback, UPS is very dependable. But once we get your package to UPS, GainSaver can’t guarantee delivery by the expected delivery date. Delays are very rare, but bad weather, heavy seasonal shopping periods and other problems can sometimes occur.

3 to 5 Business Days

This is the most popular delivery method because it is the cheapest. This shipping method also takes the longest. The actual delivery time depends on where you live. If you live in Los Angeles, near GainSaver, you could receive your package in just one or two days. For buyers on the East Coast, it usually takes five days.

Select the 3 to 5 Business Days shipping option if the delivery time is not critical. You will usually get your refurbished Mac in five days or less from the day your order ships out. For time critical orders that you need sooner than five days, we recommend you choose a shorter delivery option from the shipping menu.

3 Business Days

The 3 Business Days option helps ensure that you will get your used refurbished Mac laptop or desktop within three business days. If you live near GainSaver in Southern California the time could be less, but three days is typically the maximum time.

2 Business Days

Choose the 2 Business Days option when you must have your order in two days from the shipping day. If your order goes out from GainSaver on a Wednesday, you’ll get it by Friday.

1 Business Day

There are two options for next business day delivery, 1 Business Day and 1 Business Day Priority. The 1 Business Day option will get your order to you some time during the next business day from the day GainSaver ships it out. If your order ships on Friday, you will get it on Monday before end of day.

1 Business Day Priority

When you select 1 Business Day Priority, your package is scheduled for delivery the next morning after the day it ships out from GainSaver.

Pick Up

We do not show a Pick Up option in the Shipping Method menu. However, if you live near GainSaver, you can pick up your order if you’d like to. Just give us a call and the sales representative can place a pickup order for you and schedule a pickup time. There is no charge for pick up.

Tracking Numbers

The evening your order goes out from GainSaver, you will receive an email message confirming your refurbished Mac laptop or desktop has been shipped out. The email includes a tracking number you can use to follow the progress of the delivery.

Special Shipping Cases

There are certain special cases to be aware of regarding shipping.

APO/FPO Addresses

We use UPS for most shipping, but in the case of shipping to APO/FPO addresses, please be aware that we use the US Post Office.

International shipping

GainSaver accepts international orders. We use the US Post Office for international package delivery.

PO Boxes

For the protection of our customers, we do not ship orders to PO boxes. You’ll need to have your package shipped to a home or office address when you place your order.

Shipping Insurance

We offer shipping insurance in the GainSaver Configurator. If you would like to add Shipping Insurance to your order, just select it at checkout.

We are crazy about properly packaging our refurbished Macs for shipment. We use rugged boxes and ample packing materials. But sometimes, accidents just happen. If a package falls out the back of the delivery truck, it could get damaged. Packages are also sometimes lost or stolen.

With Shipping Insurance, you can protect your valuable equipment from loss or damage that occurs before you even get it. When you add insurance, GainSaver will repair or replace your equipment in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged during shipping.

Thank you for shopping for your refurbished Mac laptop or desktop at GainSaver. If you have any questions or special requests regarding shipping, please call our sales department. We’re happy to help you out!

May 31st 2018

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