How to Find Great Bargains on Refurbished Mac minis

How to Find Great Bargains on Refurbished Mac minis

Get a hot deal on a Mac mini and customize it with both Mac and PC Operating Systems

GainSaver has the best deals on refurbished used Mac mini desktops. Mac minis can be connected to monitors, keyboards and mice that are designed for either Mac or PC computers. GainSaver can custom configure your Mac mini with both Mac and Windows operating systems so you can get a versatile, portable Mac that runs all of your software and supports your existing equipment.

Read on if you want to learn how to take advantage of the GainSaver website to find and compare Mac mini desktops.

The Refurbished Mac mini Sub Category

On the Mac mini category page you can see all of GainSaver’s refurbished used Mac minis listed on the right side of the page. There are several ways you can view the list to quickly find what you’re looking for. At the top of the list you’ll see a row of options you can click on to change the way the list is displayed.

The refurbished Mac mini listview header controls.

  • Click on the View menu to select the number of Mac minis listed at one time.
  • Select the Page number to advance or return to a page within the list. If you have selected to view 25 per page, then Page 2 shows the next 25 Mac minis from 26 to 50.
  • You can change how the products are displayed with the Grid and List buttons. The List View is the default. This view shows one Mac mini at a time down the list. In the Grid View, you can see them displayed three across, depending on the size of the screen you are using.
  • You can sort the list to show the Mac minis in order of price or alphabetically by name. Product information from buyers is a great resource to help you find the best value. You can sort the Mac mini list view by Best Sellers and see which refurbished Mac mini models are the most popular with GainSaver customers. And you can sort by Review to see which Mac minis have the most reviews. This is a great way to find out what other owners have to say about the refurbished Mac minis they bought from GainSaver.

Find a Great Deal Fast with Search

If you are looking for a particular model of refurbished Mac mini desktop, you can quickly find it by using the search feature.

Enter any part of the product name or description you are looking for, such as the manufacturer’s part number, model name, product description or some characteristic of product.

Find the refurbished Mac mini you're looking for with the GainSaver website search feature.

  • If you enter multiple words, all of words must be found in the product description for it to appear in the search results list.
  • Only items found in the current category will be displayed in the results list. You can see the current category in the left side of the Search Box. If you like, you can open Category List and select a different category to search.

Fine Tune the Mac mini Listing with Filters

GainSaver has thousands of refurbished Mac and PC computer systems on hand and ready to ship. The GainSaver website is designed to help you quickly narrow your product search to find the items that most closely match what you are looking for.

Down the left side of the GainSaver website product listing pages, you’ll see a collection of links that will help you limit the product listing to specific types of products. In the Mac mini category, you’ll see the various screen sizes of Mac minis at the top of the navigation panel under the Shop Categories heading. To view only those refurbished Mac minis with a particular screen size, just click on the link.

Below Shop Categories, you’ll see the best deals within the current category under the heading Shop Deals.

Click on the filters in the navigation panel in the refurbished Mac mini category.

Click on Best Sellers and Reviews to see what other GainSaver customers are buying, and what they have to say about their refurbished GainSaver computers. You can also sort products in the listing by Best Sellers and Reviews, but when you click on one of these links, only products that are Best Sellers or have Reviews will be displayed.

You can also limit the product listing to only those items that are On Sale, Price Dropped or include Free Gift Cards.

  • On Sale items are discounted from the regular GainSaver low price from 5% up to 20% off.
  • Price Dropped products contain the most recent price drops. These change often, so make sure to check out the Price Dropped items every time you visit the site.
  • Gift Cards and included with the purchase of these items. You can use your Gift Card on your next purchase to save you the amount of the card, which range from $25 to $50. Gift Cards never expire, and can be applied to any future purchase you make.

Find Your Way with the Breadcrumb

The breadcrumb under the menu bar shows where you are at in the GainSaver website. When you click on the links in the left navigation panel to limit the items displayed in the category list view, the breadcrumb grows longer. You can take a look at the breadcrumb to see all of the left navigation filters you have applied.

Use the breadcrumb feature to navigate the refurbished Mac mini category at GainSaver.

You can use the breadcrumb to help you navigate the GainSaver website and change the filters.

  • To remove one of the filters you have applied, just click on the X next to the name of the filter.
  • To go back, click on the link of the filter you want to go back to. When you do this, the filters to the right of the one you clicked on are removed from the list.

Recently Viewed Refurbished Mac minis

Any time that you click on an item and view the detailed information for that used Mac mini, the GainSaver website saves that product for you in the Recently Viewed list. The Recently Viewed list is like an automatic browser bookmark that you can use reviewed the refurbished products that have already caught your attention.

Use the Recently Used feature to go back to the refurbished Mac mini systems you have already looked at.

if you want to go back again and see the products you've already looked at, just click on the Recently Viewed link at the top of the left navigation panel.

Comparing Different Mac mini Models

One of the most useful features of the GainSaver website is the ability it gives you to compare different products next to each other. When you see a Mac mini or any other item you might want to look at again, click the Compare button.

Click Compare to see the refurbished Mac mini models you have selected to compare.

This saves the item for you. When you click on Compare, the button changes to Remove. So if you are finished comparing that item and don’t want to see it again, click Remove.

Once you have one or more items to compare, just click on the Compare link at the top of the left navigation panel. Only those items that you have chosen to compare will be listed. You can view them in a list, or you can click on Grid button to switch to Grid View. Grid View is a great way to compare items, and makes it easy to prices and features side by side.

Customize Your Mac mini in Detail View

When you click on any desktops in the Mac mini category list view, you will be taken to the detail view for that model. Here you can see additional specifications and customer reviews. You can also see questions other shoppers had about that model and even ask a question yourself.

In the detail view on the right side of the screen is the GainSaver Configurator. One of the most important reasons you should buy GainSaver refurbished Mac minis is that GainSaver will custom configure your order to your exact specifications.

Configure your refurbished used Mac mini to your exact specifications at GainSaver.

Just select the options you want for your used Mac mini in the Configurator. You can order a custom hard drive, memory upgrade and the version of the Mac operating system you want installed. You can even have your Mac mini configured with both Mac and Windows dual operating systems ready to use when you get your Mac mini delivered. All you need to do is select it in the Configurator.

Just below the Configurator is the total price. Any changes you make in the custom configuration are shown in the price.

Click Buy Now

Once you have completed the configuration and you’re ready to order, click the Buy Now button to add your Mac mini to the shopping cart.

Click the Buy Now button to order your refurbished used Mac mini from GainSaver.

If you have taken advantage of the GainSaver website features, you will be ordering a refurbished Mac mini that perfectly suits your needs and fits your budget. And we guarantee that you will be a satisfied GainSaver customer.

May 31st 2018

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