Get Fast Cash for your Used Mac or PC from GainSaver

Get Fast Cash for your Used Mac or PC from GainSaver

Sell Us Your Used Mac and PC Systems

Here is a fast and simple way to turn your old used Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into some easy cash. Sell it to GainSaver. We offer top dollar for your used computer, provide instant quotes and free shipping. And you get paid fast.

What are we looking for?

GainSaver buys used equipment in working condition. We purchase Mac desktops, laptops, monitors, iPhones and iPads, as well as popular PC brands. Cosmetic problems such as scratches and dents are acceptable, but lower the price GainSaver will offer.

We are always looking to buy these used Mac systems:

  • MacBook Pro Laptops
  • MacBook Air Laptops
  • iMac Desktops
  • MacBook Laptops
  • Mac mini Desktops
  • Mac Pro Desktops
  • iPad Tablets
  • iPhones
  • Xserve Servers
  • Apple Mac Displays

We also purchase used PC laptops, desktops and tablets from these manufacturers:

  • Panasonic
  • Motion Computing
  • HP
  • Dell

Get an instant quote

It’s really easy to do.

To find out instantly how much you can get for your used computer system, just follow these easy steps.

  • Click the Sell link at the top of the GainSaver website
  • Identify the model of your computer
  • Select the condition
  • Get an instant quote

Do it right now

There are so many reasons to select GainSaver to sell your used Mac or PC computer. When you consider all the benefits, you’ll find GainSaver is by far the best choice.

There is no reason wait. You can get started right now. As soon as you accept the GainSaver offer, you get your free shipping label emailed to you immediately. Box up your computer, print and attach the shipping label, and send us your system.

When your used computer system arrives at GainSaver, we perform a quick inspection to confirm that your computer matches the information you provided. And then we send you your payment. We guarantee, you’ll love working with GainSaver.

1. Top Dollar Paid

GainSaver buys and sells thousands of used and refurbished computers every month. Because we know the market for used Macintosh and PC systems, we can offer top dollar. Our offers are based on the true market value of your system, not the minimum amount some stranger or internet gadget buyer is willing to offer you.

GainSaver pays more. Compare us with competition. We know you’ll choose GainSaver.

2. We Buy Large Quantities

If you have five or more used Mac or PC computers you’re looking to sell, we let us know.

Click here to sell five or more used Mac or PC systems

We accept large lots from individuals, schools, corporations and other institutions. Selling to GainSaver is the fastest and most cost effective way to offset the cost of computer systems that have been replaced.

3. Instant Quotes

Find out instantly how much you can get for your used Mac or PC computer system from GainSaver. It's super easy. The process is completely automated and takes only a few seconds. All you need to do is find your computer by making a few menu selections, or just enter the serial number. Then select the condition of your computer system.

That’s all you need to do. The instant quote appears on the screen. If you like the offer, click the Get Paid button to tell us where to send your payment. It’s that easy.

4. Prepaid Shipping Label Provided

GainSaver pays for shipping your used Mac or PC with a prepaid shipping label. It costs you nothing for shipping. Just print the Prepaid Shipping Label and attach it to your package. We use UPS for shipping to ensure that you package is professionally tracked and shipped.

Don’t feel like making a trip to the UPS store? All you need to do is call UPS and they can come and pick it up.

5. Get Paid Fast

Sell fast and get paid fast. There’s no wasted time and money placing ads to find a buyer – and then spending a lot of additional time answering buyer questions. With GainSaver, in 5 minutes you can sell your used Mac or PC, any time that’s convenient for you, 24 hours a day.

Our process is simple and efficient. GainSaver technicians receive your package and inspect the equipment you sent. We confirm that it matches the description and condition you provided. And then you get paid. That’s all there is to it.

6. Multiple Payment Methods

Get paid the way you want. GainSaver can send you a check, or if you even more, select GainSaver Store Credit as your payment method. Do that and you get an additional 10% payment bonus. Then you can use your GainSaver Store Credit to order another computer system from GainSaver. This is the most affordable way to make money on your old computer system and get the replacement computer you really want.

7. Easy To Sell To Us

It couldn’t be easier to sell to GainSaver. There is no bargaining, no negotiations, no hassles. In fact, you don’t have to speak with anyone.

GainSaver takes all the trouble out of selling your used Mac or PC online. Without GainSaver, you need to create an ad, write a description of your computer and take a bunch of pictures. Then you may even have to pay a fee to place your ad. Worst of all, there are the questions you get from strangers who may not be serious buyers at all.

Then you wait. You might have to wait several weeks or even months before you find a buyer. It can be a long process. But when you sell to GainSaver, you’re done in 5 minutes.

8. Safety

You and your personal information are safe with GainSaver. There is no need to place an ad on the internet that contains sensitive information about you, such as your email address or your phone number. And you don’t need to give your address to strangers.

The internet can be a dangerous place. You never know who is contacting you and if they are actually legitimate buyers. There is a lot of criminal activity on the internet, and it makes sense to be cautious.

When you sell to GainSaver, no one will ask to come to your home or office to see the computer you are selling. With GainSaver, the transaction is totally safe and private.

9. Free Data Removal

Your data is completely erased from your old computer’s hard drive when you sell to GainSaver. No information about you is left behind. This is an important consideration that many people fail to consider when they sell or discard their old equipment. Everyone has sensitive information on their hard drives that could fall into the wrong hands.

You’re protected with GainSaver. We remove all the data from your hard drive regardless of whether your computer is eventually resold or recycled. There is no extra charge for this service.

10. Keep the World Green

At GainSaver, we find new homes for Macintosh and PC computers in good condition, and we recycle all unusable systems and components. We help you do your part to reuse and recycle.

You shouldn’t take your old computer system and just dump it in the trash. Computer systems are hazardous waste. It costs you nothing to send in your computer for recycling. We can do it for you, properly and safely.

May 31st 2018

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