Mac Buyers Guide for Accountants and Tax Consultants

Mac Buyers Guide for Accountants and Tax Consultants

Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Consultants Shop GainSaver!

GainSaver is the best place to save on refurbished used Mac laptops and desktops for your record keeping, accounting, and tax consulting business. Apple Macs are a favorite for both personal and business use, but the high quality of new Macs comes with a high price.

That's were GainSaver can help. We offer fully tested refurbished Macs at the lowest prices available anywhere. And we back up our products with excellent service and a Money Back Guarantee.

You're at the right place for a great deal on a refurbished Mac for your accounting business!

Launching your bookkeeping startup

If you are just beginning your own accounting or tax preparation service, then you may be wondering which computer is the best for your business, an Apple Mac or a PC.

One of the huge advantages of using Macs is that you can run both Mac and PC software on your refurbished Mac. When you order from GainSaver, we can custom configure the refurbished Mac of your choice with both the Mac operating system and the Windows operating system you want. This is like getting two computers in one, and gives you full compatibility with your clients who may have either Macs or PCs.

You will also be running other types of business software that you may find better suited to a Mac, such as programs to create business cards and letterhead, manage your company website, sync data with your iPhone and perform other creative tasks.

Check out this blog post on why refurbished Macs are the best investment for both personal and small business use.

Adding equipment to your existing accounting service

If you are looking at the savings of buying a refurbished Mac laptop or desktop for your bookkeeping or tax consulting business, then you may already be using Macs. Or you know from experience that Macs are actually the best computers to run Windows software. For you, the dilemma is how to purchase an affordable Mac without going over your equipment budget.

Refurbished Mac laptops and desktops from GainSaver will save you money, as well as provide you with dependable equipment you can count on to run your accounting operation. All refurbished Macs from GainSaver include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a free 180 Day Warranty. Even better, you can purchase additional warranty protection from GainSaver to protect your equipment investment for up to three full years. Nobody else offers the protection you get from GainSaver.

Accounting and record keeping software

The software programs you are using right now are perhaps the biggest consideration when shopping for computer equipment. There are a few professional accounting and tax preparation software packages exclusively for the Mac, but most support both Mac and PC.

Remember, if you are running PC accounting software now, you can still use it on a refurbished Mac laptop or desktop just by having GainSaver install Windows for you at check out.

Many software applications are disappearing from the desktop and moving to the cloud. Even if you are using desktop software applications right now to run your accounting business, this may change in the next few of years. When you make the switch to the cloud, it won't matter whether you have a Mac or PC. Virtually all cloud-based applications run in the browser and support both the Mac and PC operating systems.

Refurbished Macbook Pros for Accounting

Refurbished Macbook Pros have plenty of power to handle most accounting applications and bookkeeping. GainSaver has a wide selection of refurbished Macbook Pros with Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. If you have really large data files, then you'll want to get one with a Quad Core i7 processor to get the best performance.

If you sometimes need to meet clients at their offices, a Macbook Pro can be easily taken with you. When you use it on your own desk, you can attach an external keyboard and mouse along with an external monitor, and your refurbished Macbook Pro becomes a desktop computer. An external keyboard may also be preferred for data entry, since an external keyboard will give you an extended keypad. This makes data entry more convenient.

If you are going to use the Macbook Pro screen, and not an external display, you'll want to get a 15-inch Macbook Pro for the additional screen space. Consider getting a Retina display on your refurbished Macbook Pro, and you'll be able to see much more data on the screen than using a Macbook Pro without the Retina display.

The Retina display really makes a huge difference, especially since you will be doing close work on the screen all day.

Refurbished iMacs for accounting

A refurbished iMac is the most obvious choice for bookkeepers and accountants. An all-in-one refurbished iMac has a built-in screen that is extremely sharp and clear. It's easyier on the eyes when you'll be spending long hours looking at data.

You can go with either a 21-inch or a 27-inch iMac. This is largely a matter of preference. The bigger screen size will make it a lot easier to read back the numbers you enter. If you have clients who are looking at the screen from a distance, they will also be able see better.

Refurbished iMacs at GainSaver come in a wide range of processor types and speeds. As with Macbook Pros, shop for Intel i7 Quad Core processors to get the fastest number crunching speeds.

Refurbished Mac Pros for accounting

The Mac Pro has all the power you need for serious data handling. A refurbished Mac Pro could be the best choice for your accounting service if you need to maintain extremely large spreadsheets with dozens of linked files and complex formulas. You'll also find that charting and graphing your financial data on a refurbished Mac Pro is practically instantaneous.

One other advantage of a refurbished Mac Pro is that you can have GainSaver install additional internal hard drives for you that can boost data storage capacity to many terabytes. You might consider this if you need to keep extremely large numbers of records on your computer for hundreds of clients spanning many years.

And finally, if you are considering a dual operating system with Mac OS and Windows installed on the same computer, a refurbished Mac Pro can't be beat for speed and affordability. You'll be able to run your accounting software on either platform, and quickly switch from one to the other. For pure power, a refurbished Mac Pro is a real bargain. You'll make short work of the most complex types of data analysis.

Small business people shop GainSaver

GainSaver makes it easy for small business people like bookkeepers, accountants and tax consultants to get exactly the refurbished Mac laptops and desktops they need to operate their businesses. We even offer a monthly payment program to help you reduce your upfront costs.

Save money on essential business equipment by shopping GainSaver for refurbished used Mac laptops and desktops. Become a satisfied GainSaver customer today!

May 31st 2018

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