Refurbished Mac Buyers Guide for Lawyers and Attorneys

May 31st 2018

Refurbished Macs for Lawyers and Legal Services Firms

Most people tend to think about PCs when considering computers to run their small businesses, including law firms and legal services. Going with a refurbished Mac laptop or desktop is not the obvious first choice. But there are so many reasons for lawyers and paralegals to save on discount used Macs from GainSaver. They are much cheaper for professionals just starting out, and they offer significant hardware and software advantages over using a PC.

Macs Outlive and Outperform PCs

Refurbished Macs last a long time. They provide many years of dependable service. Murphy ’s Law dictates that things go wrong at the worst possible time. When you are frantically trying to complete critical documents on a tight deadline, you do not want to have your computer go down.

Think about all the trouble required to change computers when the one you are using stops working. It’s an incredible hassle reinstalling all your applications and restoring your data files. It can take days to get everything back the way it was.

When you can plan your switch from one computer to another in advance, it’s much faster and easier. And you can work on it when you are not busy with clients and legal research. It takes much more time when starting from scratch because your PC just died.

So keep reliability in mind. If you invest in a refurbished Mac, and it lasts twice as long as a new PC (or perhaps even longer), you’ll save valuable hours setting up a new computer after a system crash. This is particularly true if you are in charge of tech support for your small legal firm. You’ll same time and money when you purchase a refurbished Mac from GainSaver that will last longer and work better than a PC.

Put a PC in your Refurbished Mac

Your law office may have critical PC applications that you just can’t do without. So if you really must have a PC, then you can have GainSaver install Windows on your used and refurbished Mac when you check out your order.

PCs can’t run the Mac operating system, but a Mac can run Windows. Not only that, a rugged, dependable Mac is actually the best Windows platform you can buy. So just use the GainSaver Configurator to add Windows to your Mac and you’re covered, no matter what legal software you use now or in the future.

Mac laptops and desktops work with your iPhone and iPad

You probably already use an iPhone, and perhaps even an iPad. That gives you all the more reason to go with an inexpensive refurbished Mac laptop or desktop from GainSaver. Apple devices are designed to quickly and easily work together, which simplifies life for attorneys and legal assistants.

With Apple’s iCloud, it’s really simple to have all your data files available for all your devices. When you add a document to any device, it’s accessible to your other Apple devices. Easily transfer files from your iPad and iPhone to your used Mac laptop or desktop. Record audio, take photos or enter notes into your iPhone and then use iCloud to access them on your refurbished Mac.

iCloud may remove the need for having your Mac laptop with you at all times. When you create documents on your cheap used Mac laptop or desktop, you automatically have them available for review on your iPad. You can update your court calendar on your office Mac and then refer to it from your iPhone.

Macs are faster

With all the incredible software and hardware engineering that goes into the Mac, it’s no surprise that Macs are just plain faster than PCs. There’s really no comparison. Macs start up faster, and applications launch faster. Unlike Microsoft, Apple doesn’t have to support computers systems built by dozens of different manufacturers. Apple’s Mac OS and software applications are designed to run on Macs only, so they are optimized for speed.

Macs have hard drive encryption

As a lawyer or paralegal, confidentiality is a serious issue. The information you have on your used and refurbished Mac must remain private. Macs have a very secure way to keep your client’s information safe, called FileVault 2. FileVault 2 uses encryption of your entire hard drive to prevent anyone from being able to read the files in contains. Even if someone takes your Mac and tries to hack into your data, they won’t be able to. The strong encryption will prevent them.

The good thing about FileVault 2 is that it encryption happens in the background, very quickly, without your even noticing it. And if you decide to give your used Mac to someone else, FileVault 2 can totally remove all traces of your data from the hard drive before they take it.

Built-in Password Management

Many attorneys are the target of hacking attempts. The best way to keep your client data secure is to use strong passwords that are almost impossible to crack, and include upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation characters.

Of course, strong passwords are impossible for you to remember, especially when you have many different passwords for your different online accounts. Many legal executives get lazy and use the same simple password for every account. This not a good way to keep your critical accounts safe. Fortunately, the Safari browse included with the Mac OS has a Password Generator that will create and remember your passwords for you. It’s no longer a tedious job to create new passwords. With Safari, there are no more excuses for weak and potentially dangerous passwords. And working with iCloud KeyChain, your new and existing passwords are available for use on all your Apple devices.

Find Your Lost Mac

With everything that attorneys and legal assistants have on their minds, it’s easy to lose things. So what can you do if you leave your used Macbook Pro or Macbook Air behind and can’t find it? Apple has technology built into the Mac OS that can help you locate your missing Mac.

If your refurbished Mac is lost or stolen, you can use the Mac OS and iCloud to track it down. All you need to do is sign into your iCloud account from another Mac, iPad or iPhone. Using the Find My Phone app, you can locate your missing Mac on a map. If your used Mac laptop is offline, it can be set to send you an email as soon it is turned on and has Wi-Fi access. If you discover the person with your used Mac has no intention of returning it to you, it’s even possible to remotely lock the password and permanently wipe all your confidential client data from the hard drive.

Which refurbished Mac is best for lawyers?

If you are an attorney or paralegal trying to figure out the best used and refurbished Mac for your needs, the first choice you should make is between a used Mac laptop or Mac desktop. Do you need your laptop with you all the time for typing up interview notes with clients and other legal professionals? Do you need it in the courtroom? Then you should get a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. If portability is not an issue, a cheap discount iMac with a large display is the way to go.

The Portable Macbook Air

Even though refurbished Macbook Airs are extremely light and compact, they are also powerful systems. The used and refurbished Macbook Airs at GainSaver are available with fast Intel processors. They range from speedy Core 2 Duo processors up to blazing Dual Core i7 processors.

The more recent generations of refurbished Macbook Airs with the Core i5 and Core i7 processors can handle any basic law office management software, and even demanding image and video editing applications.

Unless you need a high capacity hard drive or a large screen, a Macbook Air may meet your requirements. You might even consider a refurbished 11.6-inch Macbook Air. They are ideal for note taking and fit anywhere, even in a briefcase.

The Powerful Macbook Pro

You might find the Macbook Air doesn’t give you enough screen real estate to easily view your documents. The affordable used Macbook Pro gives you a lot bigger screen than the Macbook Air. And the refurbished Retina Macbook Pros have incredible resolution that provides a massive desktop.

A Retina Macbook Pro can easily replace your Mac desktop when it comes to performance. They have plenty power for image editing and video editing, running your legal firm and storing large amounts of data. GainSaver can also custom configure your Macbook Pro with additional hard drive capacity. That way, you can basically take your entire office of legal documentation and reference materials with you everywhere.

If you decide you don’t need a desktop Mac, you can use an external keyboard and mouse if prefer, and just keep them on your desk. Just unplug them and take your Macbook Pro with you.

The Large Screen iMac

Many professionals go with a refurbished iMac for the big screen. With a large 21-inch or 27-inch iMac you get a huge Mac desktop that is sharp, clear and easy to look at – more so than a smaller Macbook Pro or Macbook Air screen. You’ll be able to view multiple open documents at the same time, and they will all be displayed at a readable size. The iMac can’t be beat if you are working with many different data sources at once.

If you don’t need to do much typing when you are away from the office, a refurbished iMac is a good choice. You can access the data files on your iPhone and iPad at a later time using iCloud.

If you would really like to have a Mac desktop and a portable Mac laptop, consider this option. Get both. When you purchase refurbished discounts Macs from GainSaver, you can get twice the equipment when compared to buying new. Whatever decisions you make, GainSaver will save you money. And the more refurbished Mac systems you buy, the more you save.

GainSaver protects your equipment investment

Only GainSaver offers extended warranty protection on our used and refurbished Macs. Nobody else offers this kind of protection, and it’s the reason so many professionals and small businesses purchase from GainSaver. Should you ever have problems with your refurbished Mac, just let us know. The GainSaver Extended Warranty is “no questions asked”.

Coverage is available for all GainSaver refurbished Macs, including Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs and iMacs. You can add an extended warranty to your order when you make your purchase. They are available from 180 days up to three years.