GainSaver Makes it Super Easy to Shop for Refurbished Mac and PC Computers.

  •  Posted on 27 Jun 2016


Buying a new Mac or PC is a lot more expensive than buying a pre-owned one, but many people buy new simply because shopping for a used or refurbished Mac seems like such a hassle. You can spend hours searching on bidding sites and online postings from owners who are selling their computer.


GainSaver makes shopping for a refurbished Mac or PC computer as easy as buying a new one. It’s fast, safe, and simple when you order your refurbished Mac or PC from GainSaver. Here’s why our customers love GainSaver, and keep coming back when they are looking for a great deal on a refurbished computer.


Huge Selection


When you shop GainSaver, you are not buying from an auction site or an ad posting where the owner has only one computer. In fact, GainSaver has a much wider inventory than a store that sells only new products. GainSaver gives you hundreds of different models to choose from. You’re certain find exactly the refurbished Mac you’re looking for.


Large quantities on Hand


If you want more than one unit of a particular system, you can just select the quantity you want at checkout – just like shopping online at a store that sells new computers. Being about to purchase multiple systems that are identical is an asset to our small business customers. When everyone in the office has the same computer system, managing and upgrading is an easier job for the IT department.


Advanced website features


The GainSaver website is specially designed to make shopping fast and easy, It’s super simple to find just what you’re looking for. You can browse the categories, filter the list view by year or processor speed, or you can search specifically for particular part number.


You can also use GainSaver’s advanced website features to directly compare different models you are considering. GainSaver is an excellent resource for refurbished Mac shoppers to easily compare the features and hardware specifications of different refurbished Macs that were introduced in different years.


Great Sales and promotions


Of all the reasons people shop GainSaver, the most popular is the great deals. Just like online stores that sell new, we have great sales at GainSaver so you can save even more on your refurbished Mac or PC computers. And we have also GainSaver Gift Cards on selected models that you can apply toward future purchases at GainSaver.


Guarantee and Warranty Included


You get these protections from the manufacturer when you purchase new computers. And they are even more important when purchasing refurbished. Our 30 Day Money Guarantee is no questions asked. If you’re not totally satisfied, you can return your purchase for a refund or exchange. And you get a 180 Day Warranty on top of that! We’ve got you covered.


Find out more about the industry leading GainSaver Warranty


Custom Configuration


Configuration options are rather limited when you buy a new Mac. But not at GainSaver. You can have GainSaver technicians configure your refurbished Mac with the hard drive, optical drive, memory, and other components you want. Configurable options vary from one refurbished computer system to the next, so make sure to look at the available configuration options when you are comparing models.


One significant configuration option you should consider when you purchase is the Mac Operating System. Most users want the latest version, but some of our customers require a specific previous version. If you fall in that category, just select the OS you want installed on your refurbished Mac. We’ll install the operating system of your choice, ready to use when you receive it.


Lots of Payment Options


Cash is about the only option when you buy a used Mac or PC from an individual. But GainSaver makes shopping for a refurbished Mac exactly like buying new. So you can pay by credit card, check, or even select easy monthly payments.


Check out the many GainSaver payment options


Give us a try!


GainSaver is a leader in refurbished Mac and PC products. We make buying refurbished Mac and PC computers just like buying new ones. The one big difference you will really notice when you shop GainSaver is the huge savings.