Order Your Mac with Windows Pre-Installed

Order Your Mac with Windows Pre-Installed

Get Two Computers in One with a Dual Operating System

Everybody wants to save money on the things they buy. A great way to save when you purchase a used Mac laptop or desktop from GainSaver is to have it custom configured with both the Mac OS and Windows. Then you get a Mac that can run your Mac applications as well as your Windows programs. You get two computers in one. But you don’t have to buy two computers. And you don’t need to carry around two computers. A refurbished Mac from GainSaver with both operating systems is the best way to go.

There are so many reasons to have GainSaver custom configure your used Mac with a dual operating system. Many GainSaver customers need to use Windows programs to stay compatible with the applications they use at work or at school. But with both operating systems on their Mac, they don’t need to buy a PC.

Another reason to get dual operating systems installed when you order your used Mac is that historically, Windows PCs specialized in business applications, while Macs were more oriented towards design, graphics, audio and video production and other, more artist types of applications. With Windows on your Mac, you can run your PC versions of Microsoft Office, and your Mac version of Photoshop and Pro Tools.

Even though the Mac is much nicer to use, more durable and has a more attractive, easy to use interface, it’s a fact that there are fewer software applications available for the Mac than for the PC. So imagine looking for specialized software for a particular purpose and not needing to choose between Mac and Windows versions. You can choose the one that is better and cheaper. You have all your bases covered.

GainSaver can do it for you

You could always install Windows yourself, after you purchase your refurbished Mac from GainSaver. But why bother? It’s so much nicer to have it done for you by GainSaver technicians. When your used Mac arrives, it’s ready to use right out of the box as a Mac and as a PC. You don’t need to buy the required software and hassle with doing the installation.

And we guarantee that the hardware and software we install for you work properly together. You don’t need to research the technical details of installing Windows and hoping it works. We guarantee it gets done right. We fully test the final installation before we ship it to you.

Which Windows?

Once you decide on having GainSaver install Windows on your used Mac along with the Mac OS, the next step is to decide which Windows version you need. GainSaver offers a range of Windows versions to choose from. You can just select one from the Configuration Menu.

GainSaver can install any version of Windows on your Mac.

It’s quite likely you have legacy PC software you need to use, and that’s the reason you want a Mac with Windows. Since you are supporting older applications, you may want to go with a variation of Windows XP or Windows 7. If you are running newer software, a later Windows version may better suit your need.

We suggest you choose the Windows version you are using now that supports your current software.

Boot Camp VS Parallels

To install Windows on your cheap used Mac, you need one more program that integrates to two operating systems. GainSaver offers the two most popular utilities for this purpose: Boot Camp and Parallels.

The biggest difference between the two is that with Boot Camp, you need to boot your Mac into either the Mac or Windows operating system when you start up your computer. If you want to switch, then you need to reboot into the other OS. Parallels allows both operating systems to run together, and can switch instantly between them.

It's easy to remember which is which, because Boot Camp requires a system reboot, and Parallels runs both operating systems at the same time, in other words, in parallel.

Apple Boot Camp allows you to run Windows on your used cheap Mac.

Boot Camp Specifics

Boot Camp is a utility that comes built-into the Mac operating system. It’s not a separate program that needs to be purchased. That’s the reason for the price difference between Boot Camp and Parallels. The Boot Camp options in the GainSaver Configurator are cheaper because Boot Camp is free. The only additional charge is for the Windows license, which varies depending on the Windows version you select.

Boot Camp Pros

Boot Camp may be the best choice if you are selecting an older Mac laptop or desktop that does not have much memory or a very fast processor. The reason is because Boot Camp allows you to run two completely separate operating systems, but not at the same time. Your Mac is either running as a Mac under the Mac OS, or it’s a Windows computer. You don’t need to have memory and processor resources working to support both at the same time. Only one is in memory.

It’s simple to use. Just select the OS you want when you launch your computer. After that there is no confusion. You are essentially using a Mac or a PC.

Boot Camp Cons

Boot Camp can be a pain after a while if you need to switch frequently back and forth between the two operating systems. The amount of time it takes depends on how long your Mac takes to shut down and then restart.

There is no way to share data between software applications running on the different operating systems without first transferring the data somewhere outside the computer. It’s just like when you have two computers on your desk. If you want to share files, you could use a USB drive and copy the files onto it. Then unplug the USB drive and stick it into the other computer. Only with Boot Camp, you save onto the USB drive and then reboot. This works because both operating systems can open the USB drive. Other options to share files might be to use online services such as Drop Box or iCloud Drive.

You can find out more about Boot Camp at the Apple website.

GainSaver can install Parallels and Windows on your cheap Mac.

About Parallels

Parallels is a popular choice for running Windows on a refurbished used Mac laptop or desktop.

Parallels Pros

Being able to instantly switch between the Mac and Windows operating systems is pretty cool! It’s just like switching from one window to another, except that the window contains the Windows operating system and all your Windows applications.

Even more, it’s super easy to share file data between the two operating systems. Parallels provides a number of ways to do it without resorting to USB drives or online file storage services.

Another advantage is that you can change the amount of hard drive space that is reserved for Windows when you are using Parallels. So if you need more space for Windows, then you can simply change the settings. With Boot Camp, you need to reinstall Windows if you want to change the amount of hard drive space reserved for Windows.

Parallels Cons

The biggest issue for Mac users of Parallels is the cost of the program. When you have GainSaver install Parallels and Windows for you, the cost of the software is included in the total charge.

Also in regards to money, there is a charge if you want to upgrade Parallels. You might have to do this if you upgrade your Mac OS. After doing a major Mac OS upgrade, your version of Parallels may no longer be compatible. To keep running Windows, you’ll need to upgrade Parallels as well.

On the other hand, this is not a problem if you re-install or upgrade Windows. Parallels will continue to work with all Windows versions.

As mentioned above, having both operating systems running at the same time under Parallels uses a lot more memory just for the operating systems alone. When you launch applications within both operating systems, it can slow down your Mac unless you have enough memory and a relatively fast processor.

Check out the Parallels website for additional information.

Recommended Hardware Configurations

We recommend that you have at least 8GB of RAM in your used Mac to use it with Parallels. If the base configuration does not have that much RAM, you can choose to have GainSaver technicians add more for you using the Configurator menus.

Hard drive space is also a factor. Just the operating systems can consume a lot of the hard drive capacity. We recommend at least 500GB of storage, and getting a 1TB drive never hurts. Nobody has too much hard drive space. You will fill it up eventually.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

All customization of the software and hardware components GainSaver technicians perform on the used Mac laptop or desktop you purchase are covered by GainSaver’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, as well as the available 180 Day Extended Warranty. So if you are not doubly pleased with the dual operating system GainSaver installs for you, you’re covered.

So if you are making the switch to Mac from a PC, and have Windows applications you still want to run – like that copy of Microsoft Office you bought – then make so to configure your Mac at checkout with the version of Windows you need.

May 31st 2018

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