Compare GainSaver Refurbished to New and Used

May 31st 2018

Is there a difference between used and refurbished?

Yes! There is a huge difference between used and refurbished. It’s pretty clear what “new” and “used” mean. But the meaning of “refurbished” can be confusing. In the electronics industry, it means to clean, test and make necessary repairs to a product, and return it to a condition where it is fully functional and ready for resale.

GainSaver offers a range of refurbished products that are refurbished by GainSaver technicians, including Mac desktops and laptops, Apple iPads and iPhones, plus PC desktops, notebooks and tablets. Before you make your computer purchasing decision, it’s a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of new, used and refurbished.

Comparing New, Used and GainSaver Refurbished Computers
New from Retail Used from Stranger GainSaver Refurbished
Cost Highest Lowest (1) Much less than new
Condition Brand new (2) Unknown Guaranteed fully functional
Operating system Fresh install Used by previous owner (3) Fresh install
Configured to Order No No Yes - hardware and software
Tested Yes No Yes - fully tested
Payment types Credit card Cash only Credit card, check, financing
Packaging for shipment Very good Unknown Very good
Return policy Yes (4) None Return for any reason
Support Sometimes None Extensive online support resources
Guarantee included 30 days None 30 days
Warranty included 1 year None 180 days
Extended Warranty Option Yes (5)(6) None Up to 3 years
Investment safety Safe Risky Safe
Personal safety Safe Risky (7) Safe

Table Notes:

  1. (1) If you buy from a stranger and get ripped off, then used is actually the most expensive option.
  2. (2) Sometimes manufacturers resell refurbished items in new packages at the full new price without indicating they were actually returned before. This means you are getting refurbished without knowing it.
  3. (3) You should install new software since the original could have old data and viruses from the original owner
  4. (4) Returns are often a hassle and you can spend hours on the phone before getting a return authorization
  5. (5) Extended warranties are usually offered by the retail store and not the equipment manufacturer
  6. (6) Never buy these! They are a rip off.
  7. (7) Be careful giving your personal information to strangers when you buy or sell online

The Pros and Cons of Buying Used

Used, of course, means not new. Used products are sold as-is. This means that any problems with the used computer you buy are now your problems.

There is a reason for the old expression “buyer beware”. Buying used is risky. Maybe the used computer you want works fine, maybe it doesn’t. The upside is that you can sometimes save a lot of money buying used. But the downside is that you can lose all the money you spent.

You will probably also be getting the same operating system software that was installed by the previous owner Sometimes, the last owners’ personal information and data files are still on the machine. Worse yet, there could also be computer viruses that you will not be aware of until they infect your files.

Used means no guarantee and no warranty

Used means that it’s not cleaned or tested. And unlike new products, used computeres comes with no warranty and no guarantee.

Used computers are usually sold by an individual who is the original owner, or the second owner. There may have been more than one. Typically, sellers of used computers offer no guarantees and have no return policy.

Recommendation – don’t buy used

Uptime is an important consideration. The customers we work with use their computers for office work, homework, playing games, video production, staying connected to friends and family, and much more. All of these things are important. Disruptions are worse than annoying, and can be very costly. So we don’t recommend used equipment.

The Pros and Cons of Buying New

New is wonderful. Everybody loves new things.

Recommendation – buy new if you have lots of money

We recommend that you buy new if you need the very latest technology and a high performance system. Just keep in mind that new equipment drops in value very quickly.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a mid-range system, then refurbished makes more sense. An older, high end refurbished computer system may be significantly less costly than a new mid-range model with comparable performance.

So if price is an important factor in your purchasing decision, then refurbished is an excellent option.

GainSaver Refurbished

We purchase used computers from many different sources, including individual owners, businesses and educational institutions. We buy used Apple Mac desktops, laptops and monitors, plus iPhones and iPads. GainSaver also buys top quality used PCs, especially from Panasonic, Motion Computing, HP, Dell.

We refurbish these used computer systems, so you will often see our products described as “refurbished used”. They have been used, and then we refurbished them.

We sell our refurbished computers in the same easy way as other companies sell new computers. We clean, test and configure each one the same way. If it passes final testing, we sell it. If it doesn’t pass, we fix it or we recycle it. That means each unit meets an important threshold of quality before we sell it. You can be sure it is fully functional when you get it. So in this sense, you can order the same way you would order a new computer, without worrying that you will get a “bad” one. They are fully tested and guaranteed to perform properly.

Refurbished equipment is safer than used

You can think of GainSaver and our refurbishing process as the gateway between the original owner and you. It’s quite possible that the original owner knows things about their computer they don’t want you to know. You could be in for a surprise.

GainSaver doesn’t care about the original owner. We only care about you. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. That’s number one. We can remain the industry leader only when you are totally satisfied with the computer you purchased and are happy to keep it - because you got a great deal on a top quality computer.

GainSaver’s Refurbishing Process

When shipments of used products arrive, we clean, inspect and perform initial tests on each one. If the unit passes, it goes into inventory to be sold. If a computer fails the testing process, it may be used for components, or it is recycled.

We also perform a cosmetic inspection. If a computer has a dent or a blemish, it may be sold by GainSaver as a “small dents” unit – but only if it passes all the functionality tests. Look for these on the GainSaver website. You can save even more with GainSaver items that are labeled “small dents”.

After passing these initial tests, we add the computer to our online inventory to sell it.

GainSaver refurbishing includes custom configuration

When your order arrives, GainSaver technicians pull the system from inventory and begin the refurbishing process. First, we configure the system hardware to meet the custom configuration you specified at checkout. This may involve installing a larger hard drive or an additional drive, adding more memory or an upgraded optical drive.

Next we perform additional inspections of all critical components, such as the ports and the wireless card, and run hardware diagnostic software programs. We fix any problems that appear.

Finally, we format the hard drive and install a fresh new licensed version of the operating system that matches the one you ordered.

After one final cleaning, your computer is ready to package and ship.

If problems are discovered with your computer, we don’t ship it. Sometimes it happens that during final testing, a unit will fail. If it’s the last one in inventory of this exact model, we will notify you of the issue and provide alternatives for similar computers we have in stock.

Heavy duty packaging for safe delivery

We are crazy about the importance of proper packaging. Computers can last for many years, but at the same time, they are delicate and can get damaged during shipment without extremely rugged boxes, plenty of wrapping material around the computer, and ample filler to prevent shifting during transport.

After doing all that work, we don’t want to see your computer damaged during shipping. And neither do you.

Refurbished with the GainSaver Guarantee

All of our products include the GainSaver 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee is not specific to any components or features of the computer. Instead, the GainSaver Guarantee is for your complete satisfaction with the computer you receive. If you are not happy with it, for any reason at all, we will replace it or refund your money.

In this way, a refurbished GainSaver computer is the same as a new computer you purchase from a store. Most stores will refund or replace your new item if you return it. With a used computer, you’re out of luck.

GainSaver’s 180 Day Warranty Included Free

You are also protected by GainSaver’s 180 Day Warranty coverage. What this means is that after 30 days, you can still return your computer to GainSaver for full credit towards another computer of your choice. For any reason. No questions asked.

GainSaver takes the risk out of buying used equipment. Think about it. When you buy from GainSaver, your equipment investment is protected for six full months. You won’t need to pay more if you have problems, or wait weeks for repairs. Just exchange it for a different one.

GainSaver’s Extended Warranty Program

GainSaver’s Extended Warranty programs are better than the warranty programs that are offered with new equipment. We cover everything except physical damage that might be caused by dropping the computer or spilling liquids on the keyboard. Everything else is covered.

Here’s how it works. You tell us you want to exchange your computer. We don’t ask why. We say “OK”. Then we replace it.

In fact, if you’re not happy with the computer for any reason during the extended warranty period, you can return it for a replacement. And your replacement computer will be covered by the remainder of the original extended warranty you purchased.

So basically, obsolescence is covered by the GainSaver Extended Warranty Program. If you don’t need a desktop anymore and want a laptop, you can exchange it. If your computer doesn’t have the performance required to run new software you purchased, you can exchange it under the warranty.

We’re not kidding about the GainSaver Warranty. You’re covered.

Pros and Cons of GainSaver Refurbished

GainSaver refurbished Mac and PC computers, iPhones and iPads are cleaned, tested, repaired and custom configured to your specifications, and guaranteed to meet your total satisfaction.

We recommend trying GainSaver refurbished products. Unlike buying used computer equipment, there’s nothing to lose. And you’ll save a lot of money compared to buying a new computer.

Everybody loves to save money and get a good deal. We’re confident you’ll become one of the many thousands of GainSaver repeat customers.