Resolve to win a Macbook Air in the GainSaver Sweepstakes for Dec Jan 2017

May 31st 2018

Get Lucky this year in the GainSaver Sweepstakes for Dec-Jan 2017

Don't make boring New Year's resolutions this year you probably won't keep anyway. Do something different. Make a New Year's resolution to improve your luck! Here's how you do it: enter the GainSaver Sweepstakes for December-January 2017 to win a refurbished Macbook Air.

This is the easiest resolution you'll make this year. Simply follow the instructions below to enter the free sweepstakes giveaway with a Grand Prize of a GainSaver refurbished Macbook Air! There is no purchase necessary and it only takes a minute. If you're serious about getting luckier, then you can submit additional entries to increase your chances of winning.

Win a Macbook Air!

Who wouldn't like to win a refurbished Macbook Air? You can use it for work, school, staying productive on the road or playing games at home. Your Macbook Air will come with the latest Mac OS installed for you. Just turn it on and start enjoying your new lucky life.

Remember, getting luckier starts with feeling lucky! So cross your fingers, knock on wood and enter the GainSaver Sweepstakes right now. You can't win unless you enter, and somebody is going to win this Macbook Air. It could be you. Who knows, you might get lucky!