Buy Refurbished Mac and PC and Pick Your Payment Plan

  •  Posted on 23 Jun 2016


Take Advantage of GainSaver's Wide Selection of Payment Options


GainSaver makes buying refurbished Mac and PC computers as easy as buying new. We offer a huge selection refurbished laptops desktops, iPhones and iPads at great prices, and we provide a wide range of payment options.


When you purchase a used computer from an individual, about the only option you have for payment is cash. But when you buy refurbished computers from GainSaver, you can pick your payment plan.


Credit Card Payments


The most common way to buy anything online is with a credit card. GainSaver accepts all of the major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


The GainSaver website is safe and secure, and it uses the latest encryption methods to protect your credit card information. On top of top, we do not ever share your information with other companies.


One thing you should know about ordering by credit card from GainSaver is that your credit card is never charged until your order ships.


Here’s what happens. When you order by credit card, we authorize your card at the time you place your order. That way, we know that your card will be approved when your order is shipped. The authorization process places a hold on your card for amount of your order, but it is only a temporary hold. If you change your mind and cancel the order, the authorization hold is removed.


Finally, after UPS picks up your order and it is on the way to you, your credit card is charged. At the same time, you are provided with the UPS tracking number. You can log into your GainSaver account to get the tracking number and follow the delivery details on the UPS website.


Prepay by Check


Paying for check for refurbished Mac and PC computers is an option that is useful for many individuals and small businesses. A lot of companies would rather pay by check, especially for planned equipment purchases. Because they know their equipment replacement schedule ahead of time, they can order in advance and pay by check.


As an added benefit, you get an additional 4% off the purchase price of your refurbished equipment when you pay by check. This is a considerable savings, particularly for larger purchases that include multiple systems.


Low Monthly Payments


GainSaver’s newest payment option is a monthly payment plan that is really fast and easy to use. GainSaver has partnered with Affirm, so now GainSaver customers can select a monthly payment plan when they check out. It’s as fast and simple as paying by credit card.


The amazing thing about the Affirm monthly payment option is that the approval time is incredibly fast. When you check out your refurbished Mac or PC, just choose the Affirm Pay Monthly option. All you need to do is answer a couple of questions and you know instantly if you have been approved. If you qualify, you can make easy monthly payments for up to one year, and the interest rate is clearly posted.


When you select to pay monthly through Affirm, you will not be billed for your purchase by GainSaver. Instead, you will make your monthly payments directly to Affirm. And that turns out to be pretty easy. You can set up auto payment from your bank account, or mail them a monthly check.


Find out more about payments plans


Store Credit from Sell to GainSaver


When you sell to your used computer to GainSaver, you can use that money towards any computer systems that GainSaver sells. This is really popular with GainSaver customers, because you can get rid of the computer you are currently using, and trade it in for one that better suits your needs.


GainSaver pays top dollar for used Mac laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPads and popular PC computers. Even better, when you sell your computer to GainSaver and apply the money towards a different computer, you get an additional 10%.


This is how it works. When GainSaver gets your current computer (and we pay the shipping), you get GainSaver store credit. You then apply that credit towards any other refurbished computers at GainSaver. And then you can pay the balance with any of the other methods available to GainSaver customers – credit card, check or monthly payments.


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