Upgrade Your Memory for an Inexpensive Performance Boost

Upgrade Your Memory for an Inexpensive Performance Boost

Custom Configuration – Memory Upgrades

GainSaver offers custom configuration of the refurbished Apple Mac laptops and desktops we offer. It's one more reason to shop GainSaver for great deals on refurbished used Macs.

This blog article focuses on memory upgrades. If you're thinking about upgrading your hard drive capacity, check out this article on custom hard drive configuration.

What is memory?

What is memory anyway? And why would you need more of it?

Memory, or RAM, is only one of many subsystems that make up your refurbished Mac. The most important ones are the processor, memory and hard drive. The processor is the part of the computer that actually does the computations and calculations. The data that the processor manipulates is stored in the memory. The processor spends its time fetching data and program instructions from memory, updating it and stashing the results back in memory.

The data transfer time between the processor and memory is very fast. But when data that is required by the processor is not in memory, it has to be retrieved from the hard drive first, and moved into available memory. This takes a long time.

That's why booting up your Mac and launching applications takes a little time. The programs need to be moved from the hard drive into memory before the program can be executed by the processor.

Disk swapping

The biggest drag on performance occurs when your Mac runs out of memory. At that point, the Mac operating system has to take some of the information in memory and save it to the disk drive in order to free up some memory space.

When this happens, your Mac gets very sluggish. Actions that should be instantaneous, like switching between applications, take a long time because the operating system has to swap information back and forth between the hard drive and memory.

Why add more memory?

Memory is used by all of the programs and applications that you have running on your computer. When you first start up your Mac, you may think that you don't have any programs running. But in fact, the Mac operating system takes up a lot of memory, and dozens of utility programs are running in the background and using up more memory.

Whatever memory is left over is available for the applications you want to launch. That includes your browser program, word processor and any other programs your use.

One of the great things about Mac operating system is that it can manage many applications at once, and it allows you to switch between them. And they all take up memory. Programs that require large amounts of data, like graphics programs and video editing applications, need even more memory to hold all that data.

Older Macs need more memory

Refurbished used Macs that were introduced just a few years ago have less memory than current models. And in the meantime, the Mac operating system has grown, applications are bigger and everyone has more images and videos than ever.

Often times, a memory upgrade is the all that is needed to make an older refurbished Mac perfectly suited for the applications you are using today.

Why have GainSaver custom configure your memory?

Since most users never seem to have enough memory, you might consider adding more yourself. But you really don't want to do that! There are many reasons to have GainSaver upgrade the RAM in your computer before you buy it.

We know Mac memory

Every Mac has its own different memory capacity, a different numbers of slots that memory can be added to, different memory speed requirements and numerous other variables. Its easy to get it wrong.

GainSaver technicians have years of experience customizing refurbished Macs of every kind - refurbished Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, Macbooks, iMacs, Mac minis and Mac Pros. We have the right components, tools and experience to ensure all work is done properly.

Static electricity damage

Its unlikely that you will damage your refurbished Mac by adding memory. But it is possible. The biggest potential problem is static electricity. Its not recommended that you drag your feet across the carpet and build up a static electric charge before handling the RAM. You could send an electric discharge through it and destroy it. Same is true with your Mac. Electronic components cannot handle large jolts of electricity.

Problems with the memory itself

Sometimes memory is defective and you cant know that until you install and test it in the computer.

GainSaver tests everything

GainSaver technicians fully test all memory upgrades after they are installed. If we discover problems, which could be in the memory or in the refurbished Mac itself, we fix it.

GainSaver guarantees the results

When you perform your own memory upgrades, you can never be completely certain of the outcome. That's why you should have GainSaver technicians perform your memory upgrade for you before you buy your refurbished Mac laptop or desktop. We guarantee the results. All refurbished Mac and PC products we sell are protected by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 180 Day Warranty. That includes any and all upgrades we perform on the hard drive, memory or other components.

You cant go wrong with GainSaver custom configuration. We upgrade your memory and guarantee the results. And you get a refurbished Apple Mac laptop or desktop configured to your requirements, and ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

May 31st 2018

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