Refurbished Mac Buyers Guide for Churches

  •  Posted on 11 Jul 2016


Refurbished Mac Buyers Guide for Churches


Churches and other religious organizations are frequently under tight budgets, and have limited resources to spend on computer equipment. But at the same time, churches need computer equipment to perform a wide range of tasks. That’s where GainSaver can help. We have many church clients from around the country that purchase refurbished Mac laptops and desktops from GainSaver. They know they can trust GainSaver to deliver top quality refurbished Mac systems, on time and at incredibly affordable prices.


Refurbished Macbook Pros


The most popular Macs for the religious organizations we serve are Macbook Pros. That’s because they are powerful and portable. They can be used for general office work such as accounting and spreadsheets applications. And they can be also be used to power multi-media applications that are commonly used by faith based organizations to educate and entertain their congregations.


Macbook Pros are also ideal for connecting to a digital projector and showing slides shows and videos to both small and large groups.


Refurbished Mac Pros


Refurbished Mac Pros are also extremely popular with our church clients because they provide the computing power to run music and video creation applications – and they are surprisingly inexpensive. GainSaver has a wide selection of refurbished Mac Pros that cost less than the average refurbished Macbook Pro, and offer higher performance for a lower price.


Our faith based clients use refurbished Mac Pros for recording and editing Sunday sermons, musical renditions and choir performances to create polished videos they can show at church or online. With the power of a Mac Pro, it doesn’t take long to do.


One other huge advantage of a Mac Pro for multi-media production is that additional memory and hard drives can be installed when you make your purchase from GainSaver. With extra storage, you can keep hours of video data quickly accessible while doing post production work on your videos.


Refurbished iMacs


The reason why iMacs are popular with our church clients is the same reason why everyone loves iMacs – they have a beautiful display. And they are also fully integrated, so the only thing you need to do when you move your iMac is plug it into an electrical outlet and it’s ready to go.


This means you can move your iMacs to different study rooms in your church where they are needed and use them for displaying slide presentations and reinforcing scripture lessons with text and graphics. A refurbished iMac helps make Sunday school lessons more memorable.


Refurbished Mac minis


One of the best ways to save money on a Mac is with a refurbished Mac mini from GainSaver. Mac minis are so versatile because they can be connected to just about any peripherals you already have, including mice, keyboards, monitors, printers and external storage devices.


This allows Mac minis to do double duty for religious organizations. They can be set up for basic office applications at your church location. And because they are so small, you can disconnect your Mac mini and take home with you for word processing. They are also powerful enough to use for creating slide show presentations for Sunday school lessons.


GainSaver is the place to save on Refurbished Mac Laptops and Desktops


GainSaver has many loyal customers such as religious groups on a tight budget who need Mac laptops and desktops to run their organizations. For them, GainSaver is the obvious choice. We make shopping for refurbished Mac computers as fast and easy as buying new ones. And our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 180 Day Warranty coverage ensure our customers that their equipment investments are protected.


Find out more about our industry leading 180 Day Warranty


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