Enjoy Safe and Secure Shopping for Refurbished Computers

May 30th 2018

Buy Safely from GainSaver

There are so many reasons to buy a refurbished Mac or PC computer rather than a new one. Computers don’t change that much from year to year, and a refurbished computer is a lot less money. But there is one big problem that stops people from buying a used computer. Safety.

It’s a good idea to be concerned about safety. You need to consider the safety of your equipment investment. If you make a purchase from a stranger, you don’t know what you are going end up with. Then there is the matter of your personal safety. You shouldn’t give your personal information, such as address, phone number or email address to stranger. And you never want to meet up with a stranger to buy a computer. That could be dangerous.

The GainSaver Solution

GainSaver is a premiere online seller of refurbished Mac laptop, desktops, iPhones, iPads and PC computers. We make shopping for refurbished computers as simple and safe as buying new. You spend a lot less at GainSaver, but your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed.

GainSaver Secure Website

Your credit card number and other personal information are safe when you order from GainSaver, using our secure website to make your purchase. GainSaver takes security and privacy seriously. We do everything possible to protect your personal information. And we don’t sell your name or email address to anyone.

No bidding at GainSaver

One major hassle when ordering from an auction website such as eBay is that you have to place a bid for the used computer you want. You may win, or may not. Bidding is not an option when you really need to have a working computer as soon as possible.

Your payment information may be secure when you order on an auction website, but your personal information still goes to the individual selling the computer.

No strangers to deal with

There are websites where you can buy directly from the individual owner. If you are concerned about your personal safety, you should never do this. You just don’t know the person you are buying from. There are no guarantees that you will get what you paid for. And you could be at risk, especially if the person you buy from wants to meet with you. Be careful

No viruses from the last owner’s operating system

If you buy used from an individual, the computer you get will have the previous owners’ system software installed. Even if the operating system is completely reinstalled, it could still have viruses on it. If that happens, the virus will make your computer vulnerable to hacking.

Some malware can monitor your keystrokes and send your login and password information to hackers. You bank account and other critical financial, medical and personal accounts could be broken into because you are using somebody else’s software.

When GainSaver installs software on the refurbished Mac and PC computers we sell, our technicians completely erase the hard drive and copy the operating system onto the hard drive from a master disk. This is a very different process from just reinstalling the operating system. We guarantee there are no viruses on the refurbished computer you buy from GainSaver.

Your computer is fully tested

Private sellers don’t want you to know about problems with the used computer you are buying from them. They hope that you won’t notice the little things that don’t work until it’s too late. And once they have your money, it’s too late. At GainSaver, we don’t hide problems, we fix them.

You’re Protected with the GainSaver Money back Guarantee

Every refurbished Mac and PC computer we sell comes with our GainSaver 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason with your refurbished computer, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

You’re Computer is Protected with the GainSaver 180 Day Warranty

When you spend money on a computer, you need it to work. We protect your equipment investment with our industry exclusive 180 Day Warranty coverage. If your refurbished computer malfunctions, you can send it back to GainSaver for a replacement - at no charge.

No other source of refurbished computers can match the GainSaver 180 Day Warranty. And certainly, no individual will replace the used computer you bought six months ago if it breaks down!

You’re safe with GainSaver

It’s possible to enjoy the savings you get from buying a pre-owned Mac or PC, and also have the safety and convenience of buying a new computer. All you need to do is shop at GainSaver. Your safety, your identity and your refurbished computer purchase is protected at GainSaver.