Get Additional Savings with GainSaver Free Gift Cards

  •  Posted on 13 Jul 2016


The GainSaver Gift Card Program


We love our customers, and we reward them with Free Gift Cards worth $25 to $50 on selected refurbished computer systems.


When you purchase a refurbished Mac or PC from GainSaver that includes a Gift Card, you can use it for additional savings on your next computer system order. You'll always save money at GainSaver, and you'll save even more next time with your GainSaver Gift Card.


Finding Computer systems with Gift Cards


Many of the refurbished Mac and PC computers you can purchase come with a GainSaver Gift Card. These computers are clearly marked with "Gift Card" on the image you see in the category listings. You can also see the amount of the Gift Card in red.


Refurbished used Mac and PC systems with Free Gift Cards are clearly marked.


Many GainSaver customers limit their shopping to only those computers that include a free Gift Card. This is really easy to do. In the navigation pane on the left, click the link that says "Free Gift Cards". Clicking this link will limit the category listing to only those refurbished Macs and PCs that come with a Gift Card of any amount.


Limit your search for refurbished Macs and PCs by clicking the Free Gift Card link in the left navigation pane.


What's a Gift Card good for?


GainSaver's Gift Card program is a great way to save money on future computer purchases. Your Gift Card can be used to toward the purchase of any refurbished computer system at GainSaver. That includes all refurbished Macintosh and PC systems, both desktops and laptops, such as Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, iMacs, Mac Pros, Mac minis and more. Not included are accessories, iPhones and iPads. You can't apply your Gift Card toward those items.


Where is my Gift Card?


When you purchase a refurbished computer system that includes a Gift Card, GainSaver keeps track of that information for you. And you can also see it when you log into your GainSaver account.


Best of all, your Gift Card will never expire. The next time you are ready to make another purchase at GainSaver, it will be available for you to save on that order.


How can I use my Gift Card?


You can apply your GainSaver Gift Cards to any future computer system purchases, either Mac or PC. There are just a few limitations on how they can be used.


  •        Gift Cards are not valid until 30 days after the purchase that included a Gift Card. Then they can be used for any refurbished computer system, and they never expire.
  •        Only one Gift Card is given per purchase. If you buy two computers in one order, you'll get one Gift Card.
  •        You can apply only one Gift Card to an order. You can't save them up and then apply multiple Gift Cards at all once.


These limitations don't impact most buyers, who purchase one computer at a time, and more than 30 days apart. But even if you buy more frequently, that's not a problem. Each Gift Card you receive can be applied to a future refurbished Mac or PC order.


Phone in your Gift Card orders


When you want to take advantage of your GainSaver Gift Card, you need to call in your order by phone to have the Gift Card used with that order. Your sales representative will help you place your order and confirm that your Gift Card has been applied.


The other option is to place your order by yourself online. And then, as soon as your order is submitted, just call GainSaver during regular business hours and ask the sales department representative to apply your Gift Card to the order you just placed. We can do that for you.


Become a GainSaver customer


There many ways to save at GainSaver, with Price Drops, Discounts, Gift Cards and more. You're sure to find a great deal at GainSaver on the refurbished Mac or PC computer system you're looking.


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