The Affordable Way to Switch from PC to Mac

  •  Posted on 20 Jul 2016


Make the Switch to Mac!


Everybody loves Apple products. They are well designed, enjoyable to use and manufactured to provide years of dependable service. There are so many reasons for PC users to switch to a Mac. You may already be considering a Mac laptop or desktop, and leaving the Windows world behind. Good! Here are some additional reasons you should keep in mind about making the switch to a Mac.


Refurbished Macs are affordable


The most common reason people have for purchasing a PC rather than a Mac is that a Mac laptop or desktop is so much more expensive than a typical PC system. This is in spite of the fact that most people would really rather have a Mac than a PC. But they are just too expensive.


Let’s get this excuse out of the way. Buying refurbished Macs from GainSaver makes a huge difference. Refurbished Mac laptops and desktops from GainSaver are far less expensive than buying new. And we beat the competition with the best deals anywhere. Check out our refurbished Mac prices. You’ll be surprised how affordable they are. GainSaver’s refurbished Mac prices are way down in the PC range, about what you would expect to pay for new PC.


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Refurbished Macs are dependable


Macs are more dependable than PCs. Just look at the resale prices of used or refurbished Macs compared to used PCs. There’s no comparison. Macs hold their value very well over many years. PCs don’t. The reason is that Macs are so well built. They offer many years of reliable service. So even when you buy refurbished from GainSaver, you’re getting a computer that’s made to last. And GainSaver backs that up with a 30 Money Back Guarantee and a 180 Day Warranty included free with all refurbished Mac laptops and desktops we sell.


Refurbished Macs are easy to use


Most people find that Macs are easier to use than PCs. Of course, if you are a long time PC user, then it takes a little time to adjust to some of the differences. And then, like most people, you’ll prefer using a Mac to a PC.


File Compatibility


In recent years, most major software publishers support both Mac and PC operating systems. And the files created by them can be opened with either the Mac or PC version of the application. This is true, for example, with Microsoft Office files. All your Word and Excel files will work with the Mac version of Office even though they were created on a PC.


Another consideration regarding software applications is that software itself, the kind you install on your computer, is disappearing. More and more, software programs are web based, so you don’t run them on your computer at all. You log into them online. This makes switching to a Mac from a PC even less of a problem.


Peripheral Devices


Just about every peripheral device you already have is compatible with both Mac and PC systems. That goes for monitors, printers, storage devices, camera and more.


You probably already have an iPhone or iPad


Since you likely already have a phone or tablet made by Apple, you have one more reason to make the switch to a refurbished Mac. With a Mac to go along with your iPhone and iPad, you’ll be fully compatible with all the Apple services you are familiar with now, like iTunes and Apple’s App Store.


Dual Operating Systems


If you have specialized software that will only run a PC, and you just can’t live without it, you can still make the switch to a refurbished Mac when you purchase from GainSaver. GainSaver technicians can install both the Mac and Windows operating systems on your refurbished Mac. Using the Configurator, just select the version of Windows you want installed.


Having GainSaver install Windows on your Mac is really quite inexpensive. It costs much less than purchasing a separate PC. And with both operating systems on your Mac, you don’t need to carry around a second PC. You’ll have two computers in one. This means you’ll always have fast access to all your Mac and PC applications and files wherever you go.


Making the Switch


After you purchase your refurbished Mac laptop or desktop from GainSaver, the next step is to actually move your files from your PC to your Mac. Apple makes this really easy to do with the Migration Assistant application.


The Mac Migration Assistant helps you quickly transfer your files from your PC to your refurbished Mac.


If you have ever moved your PC data files from one PC to another, you’ll find the Migration Assistant to be fast and simple to use. You can use it to transfer all your data files, like images and music files, as well as all your other documents. It can even transfer your browser bookmarks and help you set up your email accounts on your Mac.


No more excuses!


GainSaver slashes the cost of switching from your current PC to an affordable refurbished Mac with our huge selection of refurbished Mac laptops and desktops at great prices. So if you are shopping for a computer now, or you are just tired of hassling with your Windows PC and need a change, you’re at the right place.


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