Best Used Macs for Web Designers and Developers

Best Used Macs for Web Designers and Developers

Refurbished Used Mac Guide for Web Designers and Developers

If you’re a web designer or website builder, developer, programmer or coder, then you have a problem. You’re probably on a budget that severely restricts what computer tools you can buy. But at the same time, you really need a good development system to do your work efficiently.

Solution: cheap refurbished Mac laptops and desktops from GainSaver. We make Macs affordable by offering the biggest selection of used discounted Macs anywhere online, and we custom configure them to you meet your financial and application needs.

You need a used Mac

If only for show, you really need to stay with the Mac. That is what “real” designers use. Your clients will expect you to have a Mac laptop or desktop, so don’t disappointment them. Of course, they won’t know that you saved a bundle by shopping GainSaver for your refurbished Macs.

You need a dual operating system on your used Mac

As a web designer or developer, you absolutely must have both a Mac and a Windows PC in order to see what your designs look like for all users. There is no substitute for testing. Code that works fine on one platform may not on the other. You need to view and test and update your work, and then you have to go back and check it on all the popular Windows browsers, not just Safari.

But there’s no reason to buy another computer just so you can have a PC. When you purchase from GainSaver, you can have your used Mac configured with both the Mac OS and the Windows version of your choice. When you have two computers in one, you can test all your graphics and code with just one computer.

And there are software considerations as well. You may find that some of your coding or designing tasks are better performed on one OS than the other. Plus, there are some great tools available on the PC. With a dual operating system you can use them.

So make sure to select the Windows Operating System option before you check out so your used Mac will arrive ready to go with both Mac OS and Windows pre-installed. This is especially true if you are primarily a designer and not a tech person. We can do the Windows installation for you, and test it before shipping to make sure everything works as it should.

Refurbished iMac for web designers

For web design, your most important piece of equipment is your computer screen. And refurbished iMacs are famous for their high resolution, sharp images, wide color gamut and high contrast ratio. If you really want to see what your web graphics look like, you can’t do better than a used iMac.

GainSaver has a wide selection of refurbished iMacs at discount prices. As a developer, you’ll want to go with the 21-inch or 27-inch iMacs that were first introduced in Mid 2010 that have the Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. Both the 21-inch and 27-inch iMacs from Mid 2010 and later have a resolution of 2560 x 1600. You can see just as much with the 21-inch iMacs since they have the same screen resolution. But if you need a display for doing presentations to visiting clients, you might consider the 27-inch iMac.

Refurbished Macbook Pro for developers

The Macbook Pro is the most versatile choice for web website developers. Like the iMac, the Macbook Pro also gives you an excellent screen to view your work. And if you need more resolution, you can attach it to an external monitor. With an external monitor, you can take advantage of using two screens at the same time. A used Macbook Pro is capable of handling both the built-in display and an external display without slowing down.

A great benefit of a cheap Macbook laptop is that it is portable. Just disconnect from your desktop display and take it anywhere. You may consider this in your buying decision, so that you are ready for those times when clients demand a project be completed by Monday. You can take it home with you for the weekend to meet those frequent coding deadlines.

Refurbished Mac Pros for speed

For pure computing power, the Mac Pro is an amazing bargain. Refurbished Mac Pros from GainSaver are incredibly cheap when you consider their processing speeds and unmatched performance. GainSaver always has deals and price drops on used Mac Pros so you can save on systems powered by the Intel Xeon processor with anywhere from two up to 12 cores.

If you are a developer who hates to wait for the computer, then you need a used Mac Pro. Once you get used to the amazing speed, nothing else will do. This makes a cheap used Mac Pro the logical choice when you order a refurbished Mac from GainSaver with a dual operating system pre-installed for you. Even if you just want a fast development system for Windows only, a used Mac Pro is the best Windows solution. You won’t find a development system with a better cost/performance ratio than a discounted Mac Pro from GainSaver.

One of the few disadvantages of the older, silver Mac Pros is that they do not have a Thunderbolt Port. However, with its PCI slots, you can add graphics cards to support up to eight external monitors simultaneously, depending on which cheap used Mac Pro you select. So if having a wall of monitors would help you be more productive, then the Mac Pro is the right choice.

Another big advantage of the Mac Pro is the massive amount of hard drive storage you can add. The Mac Pro supports up to four internal hard drives and two optical drives. When you order from GainSaver, you can custom configure your Mac Pro with all the storage you need.

Refurbished Mac minis for value

The Mac mini doesn’t have anywhere near the performance or expandability of the Mac Pro, but if you’re on a tight budget and require a system for testing or light programming, a used cheap Mac mini is actually a great choice. The later Mac mini models from Mid 2011 run on the Intel Core i5 and i7 processor, and they are powerful enough to run a dual operating system.

The Mid 2011 and later Mac minis also supports a high resolution monitor at 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution. So you can connect a large monitor and have plenty of screen real estate for multiple application windows and multiple open browsers.

Get exactly the used Mac you want

When you order from GainSaver, you can customize your development system to meet your exact specifications, regardless of the original factory specs. This is one of the most critical reasons to order a refurbished Mac laptop or desktop from GainSaver. You are quite limited when buying new equipment. There are not many special order options available. But when you purchase used and refurbished Macs from GainSaver, you can max out your system with more memory and hard drive space that is mandatory for a decent computer system designed for web developers and graphics designers.

Just select from the options available in the GainSaver Configurator before you check out, and you’re refurbished Mac will come customized to your precise specifications. You’ll like the hassle-free, fully guaranteed, custom used Mac you order from GainSaver

Low monthly payments

One last thing. As a developer looking to save money and stay within your equipment budget, you should consider GainSaver’s low monthly payment options. By stretching out the cost of your purchase from three to 12 months, you can get all the equipment your really need today and pay over time. Many individuals and small companies take advantage of GainSaver’s low monthly payments.

May 31st 2018

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