Used and Refurbished Early 2016 Macbook Feature Comparison

Used and Refurbished Early 2016 Macbook Feature Comparison

Here’s All You Need to Know about the Early 2016 Macbooks

Mac buyers love the Next Generation Macbook. They are super thin and light, and just amazing to look at, with their distinctive colors and stunning Retina displays. And now, Gainsaver has a complete selection of used and refurbished Early 2016 Macbooks in stock and ready to deliver.

The only thing better than a Next Generation Macbook is the great deals you can find at GainSaver on just the refurbished Macbook you’re looking for.

These are the refurbished Early 2016 Macbooks at GainSaver.

Refurbished Early 2016 Gold Macbooks

Refurbished Early 2016 Rose Gold Macbooks

Refurbished Early 2016 Silver Macbooks

Refurbished Early 2016 Space Gray Macbooks

Comparing the Early 2015 Macbooks to the Early 2016 Macbooks

On the outside, the Early 2016 Macbooks are identical the Early 2015 Macbooks. The only exception to that is with the new Rose Gold Macbook, which was first introduced in Early 2016.

The Early 2016 Macbooks have the same style of enclosure, Retina screen and keyboard. They also weight exactly the same amount. Many of the specifications are the same for both generations.

  • 12-inch TFT LED-backlit active-matrix "Retina" display with 2304x1440 resolution at 226 pixels per inch
  • Built-in 480p FaceTime camera
  • Full-size back-lit keyboard with a thin "butterfly mechanism" keyboard design
  • Force Touch trackpad with Haptic feedback capability
  • USB-C port and headphone jack
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0

Speed and Performance Improvements

The big differences between the Early 2015 and the Early 2016 Macbooks are found under the hood. The Early 2016 Macbooks have a faster system architecture, improved graphics performance and more powerful, sixth generation Intel processors.

The Early 2015 Macbooks all incorporated the fifth generation Intel Core M processor. The Early 2016 Macbooks have been upgraded to the Intel Core m3 processor for the 1.1GHz units, the Core m5 processor for the 1.2GHz units and the Core m7 is incorporated into the 1.3GHz systems. The biggest speed gains come with the Intel Core m7 processors, which provide a 20% performance increase over the Early 2015 Macbooks with the same 1.3GHz system speed.

The Intel Core M processor is the technology breakthrough that allows for the revolutionary Macbook design. The Intel Core M processors have miniaturized internal components just 14 nanometers across. This allows from more components to be packed into the processor and generate less heat, all while using less power.

The Early 2015 and Early 2016 Macbooks have no internal fan, so they can be made very thin. Along with the size and weight, the other nice feature is that the Macbooks run silently without a fan. This makes them ideal for taking notes in class or documenting the events in a business meeting.

Intel Core M Processor

Each of the four colors in the refurbished Early 2016 generation of Macbooks are available with three different Intel Core M processors, each one running at different speeds. The processor is the most important consideration when it comes to price and performance. These are the processor options you can choose from.

Intel Core m3 Processor

Intel Core m3 processor in the used Early 2016 Macbook.

The Intel Core m3 processor runs at 1.1GHz, which is the lowest of the three available speeds. The Intel Core m3 processor has a Turbo Boost feature that allows it run up to 2.2GHz when you are running demanding applications that need more power to keep them from slowing down.

Intel Core m5 Processor

Intel Core m5 processor in the used Early 2016 Macbook.

All of the Early 2016 Macbooks with the Intel Core m5 run at 1.2GHz. This is the mid-range speed for this generation. The Turbo Boost feature for the Core m5 jumps the clock speed up to 2.7GHz as needed to keep your software running smoothly.

Intel Core m7 Processor

Intel Core m7 processor in the used Early 2016 Macbook.

The fastest Early 2016 refurbished Macbooks run on the Intel Core m7 processor at 1.3GHz. When required by the programs you are running, the Core m7 processor is capable of speeds up to 3.1GHz. As with the other processors in the sixth generation Intel Core M family, Turbo Boost only kicks in when required to keep demands on the battery at a minimum.

Faster Graphics Processor

The sixth generation Intel Core M processors in the Early 2016 Macbooks all incorporate the same Intel HD Graphics 5300 graphics processor. The HD Graphics 5300 is a more powerful graphics processor that is 25% faster than the one in the fifth generation processors used in the Early 2015 Macbooks. So in addition to more computational power, you’ll notice the speed improvement in all of your applications that depend on graphics, like games, design programs and video playback.

Improved Memory Speed

The speed at which data is moved in and out of the system memory is also faster in the Early 2016 Macbooks. The RAM speed in the Early 2015 Macbooks is 1600MHz, while it kicked up to 1866MHz in the Early 2016 Macbooks. The faster memory is another speed benefit that impacts every software program you run on the Early 2016 Macbooks.

Which Macbook generation is best for you?

You really can’t go wrong when you are making a decision on whether to purchase a refurbished Early 2015 Macbook or a refurbished Early 2016 Macbook. The primary difference is in performance. And the cost differences between the two generations reflect quite accurately the performance differences. Currently, the percentage increase in performance you’ll see with a refurbished Early 2016 Macbook tracks closely with the somewhat higher price you’ll pay when compared to the Early 2015 system.

Prices change fast, so the best thing is to use the GainSaver website features to narrow down your search and compare the prices and specifications.

Choose the Macbooks option for menu at the top of the browser to see all Macbooks available at GainSaver.

The refurbished Macbook menu option on the GainSaver website.

Under the Shop By filters on the left side of the screen, you’ll see links that let you view only the Macbooks you want. You can filter your selection by Year, Color and Processor Type. You can also choose multiple filters to see, for example, only Rose Gold Macbooks from Early 2016.

Use the filters to view only the refurbished Macbooks you want.

Which Early 2016 Macbook is best for you?

Once you’ve decided on purchasing a GainSaver refurbished Early 2016 Macbook, the next choice is which speed is best for you? If you plan to run a lot of programs on your Macbook that demand higher performance, such as fast, graphical games, large business applications or audio and video production programs, go with the faster Macbooks. Otherwise, you’ll be very satisfied with the Core m3 systems.

One other consideration is that the 1.1GHz, Core m3 Macbooks have lower capacity flash drives. So if you plan to store a lot files like images and videos on your Macbook, then go with the faster Intel Core m5 and Core m7 systems. They have twice the standard file storage capacity as the Core m3 Macbook.

GainSaver’s Guarantee

Whichever 12-inch refurbished Early 2016 Macbook you decide to buy, you’re protected with the GainSaver 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can return your refurbished Macbook for any reason, no questions asked. You can return for a refund or exchange. So if you discover that you should have gotten a different color Macbook or a faster Macbook, no problem! We make it easy if you change your mind.

So browse through our complete selection of Early 2015 and Early 2016 used and refurbished Macbooks and shop with confidence that are getting a great deal on a top quality refurbished Mac laptop you will love. Guaranteed.

May 31st 2018

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