Introducing the Next Generation Early 2015 Macbook

Introducing the Next Generation Early 2015 Macbook

What’s New in the Next Generation Early 2015 Macbook

GainSaver has all speeds and colors of the latest generation of refurbished Early 2015 Macbooks at unbeatable prices, in stock right now and ready to deliver. And they are super nice! The used Early 2015 Macbooks are sleek, light and deliver the performance you need to run all your business and professional software applications.

Looking for the Original White Macbooks?

GainSaver has a gigantic selection of refurbished original Macbooks in stock! They are very popular with GainSaver customers because they are so durable and soooo cheap! Refurbished white 13.3-inch Macbooks from 2006 to 2010 are perfect for going online and browsing the internet, answering email, doing homework and playing games.

The Next Generation Macbook

First of all, other than sharing the name “Macbook”, the next generation of 12-inch Early 2015 Macbooks are totally different from the original white Macbooks that were last manufactured in 2010. The discount Early 2015 Macbooks have been completely redesigned.

Size and weight

The most amazing thing of all about the Early 2015 Macbook is its thin enclosure and extremely light weight. The 12-inch Early 2015 Macbook has been engineered to be compact, and all the new features of the 12-inch Macbook are designed to make that possible.

The refurbished Early 2015 Macbook is just half an inch thick (0.52-inches, actually) at its thickest point where the keyboard hinges to the screen, and tapers down to only 0.14-inches at the front where it opens up.

The discount 12-inchEarly 2015 Macbook weighs only 2.03 pounds. That is light! Compare that to the lightest 13.3-inch Macbook Pro introduced at the same time in Early 2015. The 13.3-inch Macbook Pro weighs almost twice as much, at 3.5 pounds. For those who want to carry around the least amount of weight all day, the used Early 2015 Macbook is the best choice by far.

No More White!

You’ll be proud to show off the outside of your refurbished 12-inch Macbook to everyone that who sees it. The used Early 2015 Macbooks have a machined aluminum enclosure. No more white polycarbonate plastic cases for the Macbook!

The used Early 2015 Macbook laptops are available in three different colors, Silver, Gold and Space Gray. Whichever one you choose, the enclosures are very attractive. People will notice!

12-inch Macbook Retina screen

When you open up the distinctive enclosure, you’re in for another surprise!

The 12-inch Early 2015 Macbook has edge-to-edge glass across the entire front surface showcasing the stunning Retina display. The Retina display has an astonishing resolution of 2304 × 1440 pixels for breathtaking image detail. There are over 3 million pixels that light up the 12-inch screen, and they have been improved over previous versions of Retina technology with a wider aperture. The larger aperture size allows more light from the backlit LED screen to get through each pixel. The result is a Retina screen that is 30% more efficient, so you can use your used 12-inch Macbook longer without recharging.

If you want an affordable Mac laptop with sharp, detailed picture quality and vibrant color, you can’t go wrong with the used Early 2015 Macbook.

The high resolution Retina screen is matched by an even higher resolution output to external monitors. The 12-inch Macbook supports up to 3840 x 2160 resolution on an external display. You can see full Retina resolution on the 12-inch Macbook display and full resolution on a connected monitor at the same time. If you are using your discount Early 2015 Macbook for business, graphic design, watching movies or playing games, the high resolution just makes everything that much better.

Improved Butterfly keyboard

You will probably be doing a lot of typing on your Macbook, so the keyboard is an important consideration. The 12-inch used Macbook has a full sized, backlit keyboard that is very comfortable to use. Apple completely redesigned the keyboard from inside out, making it thin enough to fit inside the Early 2015 Macbook enclosure, but still be comfortable, accurate and responsive for typing.

The 12-inch Macbook keyboard uses a new Butterfly mechanism that fully supports each key, regardless of where you press down on the keys. With the Butterfly mechanism, you can press anywhere and the key will not wobble around the edges. You can type accurately even if your fingers don’t push down in the center of the keys.

Another keyboard improvement is that the keys are just a bit bigger, with a surface area 17% larger. The center of each key is slightly curved downward so you can easily feel where your fingers are on the keyboard as you type. And when you’re working late, the keyboard is backlit with an individual LED light under each key. This reduces the amount of light leaking out around the edges of the keys. Only the surfaces are lit.

Force Touch trackpad with feedback

The perfect companion to the new Butterfly keyboard on the next generation 12-inch Macbook is the Force Touch trackpad. Not only can you use all the same gestures as before with the Multi-Touch trackpad, you now have a whole new dimension to play with. All you need to do is press down a little bit harder and you can perform different actions, depending on the application you are using.

Apple also added a brand new feature to the Force Touch trackpad on the Early 2015 Macbook. The Force Touch trackpad signals back, so you can actually feel what you are doing as you use it. The Force Touch trackpad has built-in haptic feedback that sends vibrations to your fingertips. When the application you are using wants to respond to your actions, it can send you a confirmation message through the Force Touch trackpad. It’s like being able to touch your work.

Blazing fast USB-C Port

The latest in peripheral interface technology is the USB-C connector. And the refurbished 12-inch Early 2015 Macbook has one. And one port is all you need, because the USB-C Port does everything. You can power your cheap discount Macbook, connect it to an external display, or attach peripheral devices, all using the same port.

The USB-C connector is much bit smaller than the standard USB port by about 65%. And it’s also incredibly fast. You can transfer data through the USB-C port at the same speeds as USB 3. One nice feature of USB-C is that the cable is reversible, so it doesn’t matter which end of the USB-C cable you connect to your Macbook or to your peripherals.

Fifth generation Intel Core M processor

The fifth generation Intel Core M processor makes the next generation Early 2015 Macbook design possible. The Core M processor packs more circuits into a smaller area so less power is required. It’s so power efficient and runs so cool that no fan is required inside the used Early 2015 Macbook. The next generation 12-inch Macbook runs fast without making a sound, because there are no moving parts at all – not even a fan.

The Intel Core M processor in the refurbished 12-inch Macbook has dual cores that handle multiple tasks at the same time. Working with the Core M processor is the built-in Intel HD Graphics 5300 engine for fast graphics and video performance.

Super Fast Wi-Fi

You will probably be going online wirelessly most of the time with your next generation used Macbook. You’ll be connecting a lot faster thanks to the latest high speed 802.11ac wireless connectivity.

This 802.11ac wireless format is up to 3 times faster than the older 802.11n standard. So when you are using the internet, you’ll be able to access websites, download large files and watch online videos with less lag time. You’ll also notice a significant improvement when using your home network to do things like send music and movies from your Macbook Pro to your widescreen TV.

The Mac laptop of the Future

The 12-inch Early 2015 used Macbook is the future of laptop computing. The 12-inch Macbook has everything – it’s light and thin, with a beautiful Retina display. The redesigned keyboard and Force Touch trackpad with haptic feedback make it a pleasure to use. It has a high speed USB-C port for connecting peripherals, and fast Wi-Fi for getting online anywhere you go. Best of all, the eye-catching design and unique colors will make your friends and coworkers take notice.

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GainSaver has refurbished 12-inch Macbook in all colors and speeds. Browse through our online inventory and explore the features and specifications of the different systems. We have images, customer reviews, and links to the Apple specifications pages and downloadable manuals in PDF format.

May 31st 2018

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