We are the experts on refurbished Toughbooks and Motion Tablets

We are the experts on refurbished Toughbooks and Motion Tablets

GainSaver is the Most Trusted Source for Refurbished Rugged Notebooks and Tablets

GainSaver specializes in refurbishing rugged PC notebooks and tablets from Panasonic and Motion Computing. Our refurbished Toughbooks and Motion tablets are a popular solution for small businesses and large corporations purchasing equipment on a budget.

Rugged has a special technical meaning when applied to PCs. Rugged, Semi-Rugged and Fully-Rugged are categories of computers that have been specially designed to survive knocks, bumps, drops, moisture, dirt, dust, heat, cold and just about every imaginable type of abuse – and still keep working.

Advantages of rugged

You need to consider a rugged PC when you absolutely must have a functioning computer wherever you go, in every possible working environment and weather extreme. Refurbished rugged PCs can take vibrations and bounces during transportation in a car, truck, or plane. Rugged PCs can get knocked around by users without being damaged. If you are using a rugged PC laptop or tablet, you don’t need to be protective of it. Just grab it and go.

That’s why GainSaver refurbished Toughbooks and Motion Computing tablets are so widely used in so many different industries. These include field workers in service industries like police and fire departments, EMTs, insurance claims agents, field repair technicians, construction workers in private and government service, transportation and logistics workers, warehouse workers and many more.

There a many workers who stay inside who still require a rugged PC, such as hospital employees, public health workers, lab technicians, plus workers in manufacturing, telecommunications and utility companies. Rugged PC laptops and tablets are critical, because these workers are always on the move.

Why Buy Refurbished Rugged PCs from GainSaver?

A major consideration for businesses is the cost of equipment. Refurbished Toughbooks and Motion tablets from GainSaver make a lot sense for companies on a tight budget because they are so much more affordable than new ones.

Panasonic Toughbooks and Motion Computing tablets are designed and manufactured to provide years of trouble free service in the most demanding environments. They are built to last. And this makes them ideal for refurbishing. GainSaver technicians have years of experience with Toughbooks and Motion tablets. We know to fully inspect and test them to ensure they are in 100% working order.

Most of the refurbished Toughbooks and Motion tablets from GainSaver can be configured with higher capacity hard drives and additional memory. Some of the older rugged systems originally came with rather small hard drives and limited memory. These components have become so much cheaper in recent years that it makes sense to consider upgrading the drive and memory when you purchase. Newer operating systems and application software also requires more memory and storage, adding to the value of

GainSaver memory and hard drive upgrades.

When you purchase your rugged, refurbished Toughbooks and Motion tablets at GainSaver, you can install the operating system of your choice. Just select the Windows version you want at checkout using the Configurator. Depending on the specific computer you select, you have a choice of many of these different Windows versions.

  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows XP Pro
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows 7 Home
  • Window 7 Pro
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows 8 Home
  • Windows 8 Pro

Your refurbished Toughbook or Motion tablet will arrive customized with the operating system you selected at checkout, all ready to go right out of the box.

Why Choose GainSaver?

GainSaver customers come back for more refurbished Motion tablets and Toughbooks because GainSaver has such a large inventory to choose from. Our rugged, refurbished notebooks and tablets are in stock, ready to customize and deliver.

And of course, we always have unbeatable prices on our rugged PCs. Especially when you add in the free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and the 180 Day Warranty coverage. These protections are always included free, but they are extremely valuable to our clients who choose refurbished, rugged Toughbooks and Motion tablets.

But mostly, our customers count on our years of experience to test, refurbish and configure their systems properly. GainSaver technicians have the background and training to produce high quality refurbished Toughbooks and Motion tablets that provide years of satisfactory use for our clients.

May 31st 2018

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